Vice President Public Relations

As vice president public relations, you are responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program. Your efforts help to attract new members. Your job is vital to the growth and success of the club; your efforts help to attract new members.

The manual When You Are the Vice President Public Relations describes the following standards more fully and explains how to carry them out.

Outside the Club Meeting:

  • Attend district-sponsored club officer training
  • Protect and publicize the Toastmasters International brand
  • Promote the club to local media
  • Maintain a club Web site
  • Join a Toastmasters-moderated social networking Web site
  • Produce and distribute a club newsletter, preferably via e-mail
  • Promote membership programs
  • Attend club executive committee meetings
  • Attend other Toastmasters events
  • Arrange for a replacement if you’re unable to attend a meeting and for assistance if necessary
  • Prepare your successor for office

At the Club Meeting:

  • Announce upcoming events and programs
  • Gather information for the newsletter or Web site by asking for story contributions or covering club news
  • Greet members and guests

Download the PDF, When You Are the Vice President Public Relations for details about serving as Vice President Public Relations.

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