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‘You too, even you too Brutus!’ Julius Caesar could not believe his eyes when he saw his trusted lieutenant and best friend Brutus also amongst the conspirators who were trying to kill him. He was heart broken and lost all interest to fight for his life and said ‘ Then I will better I die’.

Contest Chairperson, …

For a moment before his death, Caesar might have thought about his another friend Mark Antony, who cautioned him many times about Brutus.

There are many such betrayals in Indian history. Emperor Shajahan, who built Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal was imprisoned for life by his own son Aurangazeb, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by his own men and Indira Gandhi was shot and killed by those who were supposed to protect her. Nowadays whenever I hear any such betrayal story, I often think we should have a foolproof test to identify untrustworthy people.

Beautiful ultra violet rays are used in banks to detect fake currency. Litmus and pH papers are used in laboratories to test and identify chemicals. In spite of all the advances in science and technology, why we don’t have any such beautiful ray or litmus test to identify untrustworthy people?

Experts such as American Psychotherapist Mirium Biddleman, London Psychologist Gemma Wilkinson and American Psychology Professor Dr. Perry Buffington are hopeful that everything is not lost. They identified certain tell -tale mannerisms that indicate untrustworthiness.

Untrustworthy people make poor eye contact, touch their noses, fiddle with ear frequently or hold a hand or fist in front of their mouth while talking. On the contrary, persons who smile with eyes as well as mouth, persons with a caring attitude who is always ready to help you and persons who lean forward with feet flat on the floor etc. are considered trustworthy.

Persons who always ask too many personal questions but reveal very little about them, persons who confides others trust to you and persons who change jobs frequently are not trustworthy.

There are People who agree too readily. If you say now it is midnight they will agree. Do not trust them – as Jesus said they do not know and do not mean what they are doing.

I remember an incident that happened when I was in hospital due to chicken pox infection. The nurse gave me some injection and before she removed the needle, I collapsed on her. It was not intentional! Later on I was told that she was giving me penicillin injection, I had penicillin reaction and was saved only because she had antidote with her. To avoid such fatal accidents, doctors generally give a test dose before penicillin or antibiotics injection. Likewise, before telling any big secret to your friend, tell a small secret and see if it leaks out.

I remember another story about one of my friends who borrowed money from me. After about two years he called me again and asked for some more money and promised to return both the amounts together soon. I gave the money and you know what happened? I lost both, the money as well as the friend. Moral: Do not trust those who do not call or call on you and persons who call only when they need something from you.

I am sure each one of you has experiences and stories to tell me about people whom you trusted but let you down. Friends! If you use these clues to identify the wolves in sheep’s skin, to separate Brutus’ from Mark Antonys’ you will avoid a lot of hassles in your life; it may even save you life. If Julius Caesar knew about the true character of Brutus, he would have saved his life, crown as well as his country. After all it is said that ‘ To be trusted is a greater accomplishment than to be loved’. Trust is like expensive glassware – very difficult to mould and even more difficult to maintain.

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