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A successful negotiation is like Tug of War where both parties win! That is why you don’t find any middle mark on the rope. Negotiation can change black & white life situations into Technicolor! This is not my opinion alone, but this is the opinion of co-authors Stephen Pollan & Mark Levine, whose book ‘The Total Negotiator’ is the basis of my today’s speech. TM of the day, …

In everyday life we have to negotiate with family, friends, spouse, superiors, subordinates, sales people and every one we are in contact with. Suppose for holidays your wife wants to visit relatives at your home country and you want to go to Switzerland. Through negotiation, we ended up agreeing on a round trip connecting both the places. This is a successful negotiation.

Sometimes negotiation doesn’t succeed. On a busy Friday morning I parked my car in front of the fish market on the roadside and went inside. I came back after about ½ hour and found traffic constable waiting nearby. He said ‘You have parked your car on the wrong place.’ I explained ‘There was no other place available nearby and I parked for only 10 minutes.’ He said ‘I am watching your car since ½ hour!’ The negotiation failed. So what? Still I am maintaining the status quo. But I had a wonderful chance of winning without taking any risk.

There are only 3 elements in any negotiation: You, Your Opponent and the Situation. What you have to do to become a successful negotiator?

  1. Know yourself: decide what you want, decide if it is readily negotiable and make sure it is worth doing.
  2. Know your opponent: gather maximum information about opponent, negotiate only with people who can decide, minimise any disparities and find out common grounds.
  3. Know the situation, get insider tips from various sources, do your own research and gain from experience.

For further tips you can read ‘The Total Negotiator’.

John F. Kennedy said ‘Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.’ Negotiation helps us to get what we want instead of settling for what is being offered. By negotiating we are exploring what is more available, but hidden, rather than accepting what is visible. Remember, for a successful personality ability to negotiate effectively is the most important skill, after reading and writing.

  1. Narasimham says:

    Thanks Ravoof and Rajan Sir,

    I was exploring topics for my P7 and this project speech is a good beginning.
    It was very informative on a skill that we all need in our day to day life as well.


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