Project 6 – Safeer Aziz


All of us have ambitions in life. What is yours? Most of these things make our lives easier, but is it enough to be rich, famous and powerful?

No amount of money, fame and power will improve the quality of our life if we are not happy with ourselves. Aristotle said, happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. If happiness is so important, how can we become happy? We’ll now discuss some key qualities, which will help us achieve this aim of life.

1. Optimism – Somebody was asked to define optimism. He said, consider a person standing with a huge flower garland on his neck. The petals are falling down one by one. The pessimist will say Oh boy, after a few minutes this man will be standing there with a thick thread around his neck. The optimist will say that after a few minutes, this man will be standing there on a bed of flowers. These are two different ways of seeing the same thing. Similarly we need to understand and challenge our negative thoughts while believing that the good times will continue.

2. Positive Attitude – We have to focus on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses. Focus on what is going right in our life, rather than on what isn’t. This doesn’t mean that we ignore the real problems. Problems are there to be solved and not for us to drown in them. Having a positive attitude makes us more flexible to ups and downs – we’ll enjoy life more and bounce back from upsets more quickly.

3. Right Goals – The goals we set for ourselves should reflect our personal values and interests. They should not be based on fear, guilt, or social pressure. The goals should be interesting and we should believe in what we’re doing. Only the brave will follow his or her own heart.

4. Expecting something better everyday – To infuse our life with passion and happiness, we need something to look forward to every day. We have to include things that make us happy in our daily routine. It can be relaxing with a good book, going for a long walk, or spending time with our children.

5. Shelter of happiness – We’ll be able to achieve happiness when we are not feeling tense, anxious, or worried. Therefore, we have to create a shelter for us to relax deeply. This could be our bathtub, the beach, our backyard, or even our bedroom. It doesn’t matter where it is as long as we become refreshed and recharged when we come out.

6. Wisdom – Wisdom to know the difference between what we can and cannot change. For example, if we try to change someone else, it usually ends in disappointment because the urge for lasting change has to come from within.

Friends, true happiness occur when we are using our talents and skills to the best of our ability. Optimism, Positive attitude, Setting right goals, Expecting something better everyday, Creating a shelter of happiness and Wisdom will help us to realise our potential.

Remember that Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work to achieve both is the same.

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