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My daughter called me and told ‘Daddy, I want Hershey’s Chocolates, I like it’s wonderful taste.’ Now you also know this beautifully wrapped pretty sweet is so popular and famous because of it’s pleasant, wonderful and tempting taste, it’s quality.

The great man behind this lovely Chocolate is Milton Snavely Hershey: Man with a Mission, vision and Compassion, A man who valued human values.

Great TM of the day, Wonderful fellow TM, ………
Today, I am taking you to ‘The Sweetest Place on Earth’, the Chocolate smelling Hershey Town in Pennsylvania.

You won’t believe this Chocolate town was once a remote countryside where in a farmhouse Milton Hershey was born 145 years ago. The place was so remote that when he selected it for the Factory, his wife told him to get his head examined!

The town is a major Tourist Attraction now with over 2 million visitors per year. Around Hersheys Chocolate factory, you can see Tree lined Streets, Beautiful Parks, brick lined family houses, Amazing Amusement rides, Zoo spread over 11 Acres, Swimming pool, Community Theatre, Museum, Stadium, Hotel, Church, Bank, School etc. Hershey built all this for his workers out of profits earned from this simple, humble and innocent Chocolate.

Nobody taught Milton Hershey how to make Chocolates. He perfected his own formula for making Chocolates by trial and error. He was the first in USA to mass-produce Chocolates using fresh milk and commercially market it. Soon his name has become a symbol of quality Chocolates like RR or Benz for Cars.

Chocolates brought him big fortunes. But he was not fortunate in private life.

The Hersheys had no children. The Charitable School they started in 1909 has 1100 financially needy children now, housed in 100 student homes scattered around 10,000 acres of grassy land. He made the School Trust recipient of all fortunes of Hersheys Chocolate Co. stock. He believed that wealth should be used for the benefit of others and practiced what he preached.

He died in the year 1945 at the age of 88. But the charitable services he started still continue. In 1963 Hershey School Trust founded MSH Medical Centre in Pennsylvania State University with $50 million award.

Hershey Medical Centre, Hershey School trust, Hershey Foods Corporation, Hotel Hershey, Hershey Park, his achievements speak for themselves. His deeds are his monument and his legendary life our inspiration.

Milton Snavely Hershey was a man who measured success not in $ but in terms of good product and still more in the usefulness of these $ for the benefit of his fellow men.

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