Project 4 – M K Rajan


How many of you have children below 2 years? I know many of you have grown up children. Then you must have seen how children learn to crawl, sit, stand-up, walk and talk. Invariably they fail in the first few attempts but slowly. But they learn from these failures and master these skills. Failures are great learning opportunities.

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Yesterday I was with Pranav, my brother’s little son, who just started walking. I said ‘Come on, walk.’ He walked few steps, faltered and fell down. But he did not stay down for long. He got up and started walking again. It is quite natural for children. Look at the nature. How birds learn to fly. They try and fall down in the beginning. But they also learn from these failures. Remember, Nature is the best teacher.

Talking about nature, I would like to tell you the story of the Spider and Brave Scottish warrior Robert Bruce. After a series of 6 failed battles against King Edward II of England, RB lost hope and was resting in a cave thinking of giving up. Suddenly he noticed a spider hanging from the ceiling of the cave and trying to swing itself to anchor the first strand of its web to the wall of the cave. 6 times it tried but failed. But the spider is part of nature. It did not give up. With more care it swung for a 7th time. RB forgot all his troubles and watched fascinated. This time the Spider succeeded and anchored the thread. ‘Yes!’ cried B ‘I’ll also try a 7th time.’ He motivated all his men and fought a 7th battle known as the Battle of Bannockburn. Won the battle and ruled Scotland for 23 years from 1306 to 1329. Just see how close he was to success, when he thought of giving up.

L&GM, this was exactly what TA Edison, the greatest inventor said ‘Many people failed in life because they did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up’. Edison tried 120 different materials for the filament of light bulb before perfecting on tungsten. He had 1093 patents in his name when he died at 84. His laboratory was called ‘Invention factory’. When it was destroyed in a fire, he said ‘All our mistakes have been destroyed, we can start our experiments with a clean slate in a new factory.’

L&GM all great men think alike. American Automobile Pioneer Henry ford also had similar opinion- ‘Failure is only the opportunity to begin more intelligently again.’ As I said earlier, failures are great learning opportunities and Failure will be success if we learn from it. There is no failure till you stop trying. American Poet W.E. Hickson wrote: ‘ It’s a lesson you should heed, Try, try, try again. If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.’

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