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I have a dream. MLK had a great dream. Abraham Lincoln had a dream. MG had a dream. Alexander the great had a dream. I have a dream, you have a dream, all of us have dreams.

‘Our dreams are our possibilities’ Int’l President of TM says. TM vision is to empower people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams.

MLK dreamt of a great world order where people are judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. AL dreamt of a great America without slavery. MG dreamt of a great independent India, Alexander the Great dreamt of becoming the World Emperor. Friends, do you think these people were born Great? No, they were ordinary people with great dreams who strived hard to achieve their dreams.

When I talk about achieving the dreams, I remember a news item I read recently about a Japanese invention of dream making machine, which produces dreams of your choice! You can dream of winning a golden gavel in Int’l speech contest or marrying AR- ladies can think of VO or SK or RS. Select the dream, record the storyline, add background music related to the dream, and even add perfume, which say AR likes. Using the voice recording as well as music and aroma, the machine stimulates the sleepers to dream what they wanted. But the Japanese believe that for dreams to come true, you should keep it secret. So if you marry AR in dreams, please keep it secret for two reasons, one for it to come true and two to avoid breaking a lot of hearts!

But I am not talking about such dreams. I am not talking about dreams that you see at night that die a natural death before you open your eyes. Also I am not talking about daydreams that vanish into thin air in front of your eyes. But I am talking about dreams of your life that haunt you, stay with you, sleep with you and go with you.

My father had a dream – to see me as an Engineer. We were not rich and the odds were against him. But he did not kill his dream. He did all sorts of jobs; farming, bee keeping, bicycle repair, provision store and whatever came in his way and in spite of all the odds he succeeded and I am the living proof of that.

Many of you have similar stories to tell. Let me tell you the stories of some living people who achieved their dreams by sheer will and hard work. Famous pop singer Gloria Estefan had a motor accident, in the middle of her career that caused a fatal injury to her spinal cord, which nearly paralyzed her. Doctors said she would not be able to perform again. But she was not ready to kill her dream. Letters of thousands and thousands of people, prayers conducted by unknown people in the lobby of hospital, motivation of the doctors, intense physiotherapy workouts and her own intense desire to succeed helped her to recover fast and within two years, Gloria became top of the charts.

Lance Armstrong was the top ranked cyclist in the world in 1996. He was diagnosed with cancer and underwent three surgeries and chemotherapy. He also was not ready to bury his dream. Within two years he cycled back into history winning the bronze medal in 2000 Olympics. He became a powerful advocate of cancer research and founded his dream project LA Cancer Research Foundation.

But dreams are not just for the famous …
Ann and Luv, two American girls, dreamt of being the first all women’s team to trek across Antarctica. They traveled 1700miles in 100 days at temperatures of –30F and against winds in excess of 100MPH to fulfill their dream.

Aubyn, an 11 year old from North Carolina, when learned that the foster kids in her community were using garbage bags to carry their belongings, dreamt of giving a suitcase to each kid. She not only achieved her dream but also founded a national organization called Suitcase for kids that has given away 100,000 suitcases so far. The website of the Organization is

Last week I read in newspapers about a British shop keeper, Clive Woodall who sold the film rights of his fairy tale bed time story ‘One for Sorrow: Two for Joy,’ to Walt Disney for $1 million. He took 11 years to write this story and 30 publishers rejected his book before he could publish it. He could achieve this feat only because he was not ready to kill his dream.

L&G do not kill the dreams of your life, nurture them, pursue them and strive hard to achieve them. ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream,’ Eleanor Roosevelt said.

‘I became successful while sleeping on the park benches 20 years ago penniless, dreaming about my chain of hotels,’ Owner of McDonalds once said.

Langston Hughes said ‘Hold fast your dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken winged bird, That cannot fly.’

Khalil Gibran said ‘Everything we see today, made by past generations, was, before its appearance, a thought in the mind of a man or an impulse in the heart of a woman.’

All things are created twice.

Only you can kill your dreams Every thing starts as somebody’s dream.

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