Project 1 – Safeer Aziz


The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story and then writes another
– James Mathew Barrie

This statement is very often true. We plan to do so many things and end up in doing just the opposite. I hail from Kollam, somewhere near the TKM College. Upto grade 8, everything was normal. But after that things began to change. By this time I had more freedom and with it started the extra curricular activities. I dreamt of going to college which provided a much freer atmosphere than the school. But life had something else in store for me. On the eve of our secondary exams, my father arrived from Dubai. He saw that revisions were done at theatres screening the latest in Malayalam films and cricket matches were telecast very often even during exam days. Even before the results were published, I received the visa and ticket to come to Dubai to stay with my parents.

My father, also a TKM alumnus, was working in Ajman at that time. So I joined Sharjah Indian School for my higher secondary education. My studies improved and that was reflected in the marks I scored. Along with my confidences, my ambitions also grew and I wanted now to become a doctor. I prepared well for the entrance exams, sometimes even avoiding mathematics, because I was hell-bent in becoming a doctor. Fortunately for me, I appeared for both the entrance exams, for the engg entrance, basically to gain experience and in preparation for the medical one. And when the results came I found out that I was destined to study at the same college where my father had studied and worked for some time.

Engineering college life, as everyone over here will swear, was really enjoyable. More time was spent outside the walls of the college than inside. I had no concerns about the future. But I had decided one thing, come what may I will not go to the gulf. This was because I found life here monotonous and boring.

After engineering, while I was searching for a job, I got an opportunity to undergo training on IBM. This opportunity came my way because one of my cousins who were planning to go for this course decided to get married. So I ended up n software development after doing Production Engg at TKM. This was a very important phase of my life as I started enjoying my studies even though it was completely new to me.

I landed up in Bombay after the training to earn for the first time in life. Receiving the hard earned salary was a thrill in itself. And more was the thrill in spending it in a city like Bombay. With the thrill of earning came the realization that earning in Indian Rupees was not sufficient. US$ seemed to be more attractive and with the software boom taking place at that time, to get an opportunity was easy. Everything was decided, dates were fixed for the visa stamping. But before that could happen I received a package which contained a visa and ticket for Dubai. My parents had found a job for me in the UAE in the software stream. More importantly they had found a partner for my life in Dubai.

I reached Dubai in December 1997 and joined Mercator, the IT subsidiary of Emirates. Got married in May 1998. Incidentally my father-in-law is also a TKM alumnus. Our son was born 14 months later. Right now I’m enjoying the joys of fatherhood and what a wonderful experience it is!!!!.

What future has in store for me – nobody knows. But I go by the quote – Do not take life seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive.

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