Project 1 – M K Rajan


‘Rome was not built in a day…’

Dear Toast masters, Fellow Speech-crafters.. Good Evening.

Rome was not built in a day. Taj Mahal was not built in a day. The Great Egyptian Pyramids were not built in a day.

You must be wondering what MK Rajan, eldest of 6 sons of a small time farmer, from a lush green remote village, 18 Km east of Kollam, in the southern part of South Indian state of Kerala, has to do with more than 3000 years old Italian Eternal City of Rome which was built over many years or Taj Mahal which took 22 years for 20,000 people to build or the Great Egyptian Pyramids built by 100,000 people in 20 years.

Friends, all these great structures were built by the Hard work of scores of people and even now we can smell their sweat if you go nearby.

My father, who passed away 2 months back, had to work hard, to make both ends meet, till my only sister was employed, I came over here and brought all my brothers. My father was a hard worker. I believe in Hard Work.

Two years back, when I was in Hospital for Bypass Surgery I got enough time to travel backwards in the imaginary time machine, which took me to 1975 and during our last Session, when Toast Master Mr. Dinesh mentioned that he is working for MMI, suddenly it came to my mind that MMI is the old Co Mackinon Makenzie, on whose ship I travelled from Bombay to Dubai on 18th March 1975. It took 5 long days to reach Dubai seaport. It was a hard journey. We had to bath in salt water, eat smoked fish, sleep on the deck, but it was a great experience.

It was hard to find suitable job at that time. I joined my present Co as D’man, learnt the subject, a/c, and grew with the Co and with UAE where I spent exactly half of my life . Got married 5 years later. Wife being Medical Practitioner is self employed and is practicing in Sharjah since last 21 years. Have two Children – elder, son, followed mother’s footsteps and studying Medicine in India. Younger, girl is a 9th grader is staying with us.

Having seen the way children grow up in front of our eyes, I remembered my childhood days. We had to walk 10 Km up and down daily to School and invariably it will be raining on the first day as it was starting of Monsoon Season in Kerala. We were using plantain leaves as makeshift umbrellas. By the time we reach School, the leaf will be torn and we will all be wet.

We were very close to nature and loved by the whole village. When I was leaving the village, to come over here all the people in the village came over, to see me off. Many of them offered small helps. Friends some day, I want to settle down in my village and do some business there.

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