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From the serenity of water to the tranquility of sand! I was born in a place known for the serenity of water. And Now I am in this city of sand!

Toast Master of the day, fellow Toast Masters and guests,

If you go by train in Kerala, a small state in India, from Kollam to Trivandrum, you can see a small town sandwiched between two stretches of backwaters: Paravur. Paravur is bounded by these two backwaters in the south and north and Arabian Sea in the west. And through this town passes the Travancore Canal.

This is my birthplace. I was born and brought up here. I had my schooling here.

My parents were in government service. I am the eldest of their six children. As you all know, at that time, Family Planning was not in vogue as is now.

Has anyone of you ever been a slave in your life? No. I am sure; no one is as unlucky as I am. I was a slave for 220 days. I was born a slave to the Empire where the Sun never sets! From Jan 7 1947, when I was born, to Aug 15th 1947, when India became independent.

I did my graduation and my post graduation in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. I joined KSE Board in 1972.

I decided to settle down in Trivandrum in 1977 in a place called Burma Road. I was wondering why this name: Burma Road. Someone gave an explanation, may be to dissuade me: People living in that area is known for leg pulling. In our local language, “Burma” is a kind of drilling instrument; this word is used colloquially as a synonym to “leg pulling”. Nevertheless, I began to live there with my wife and two sons. Wife is a teacher; elder son is a software engineer in Trivandrum. He has a son too. The youngest one is a dental surgeon practicing in Trivandrum itself.

Can any one tell any connection between artificial rainmaking, non-conventional energy sources and application of computers in power system planning? During my 16 years’ of service in the KSE Board Head Quarters, I did pioneering jobs in these fields: successfully tried for the first time in Kerala cloud seeding for weather modification; installed the first wind turbine in Kerala and set up the first computer in KSEB and started in-house planning of power system using computers.

I have been associating very actively with Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, more popularly known as IEEE for the last 25 years. I have served IEEE Kerala Section in various capacities. While I left for the Gulf in 1993, I was the Chairman of the IEEE Kerala Section, one of the most active Sections in the Asia Pacific.

Since I have been living with a teacher for the last 30 years, I am still a student. As you all agree, there is no age limit for learning. During my stay in the Gulf I learnt two things: Yoga and cooking, which is the reason for my health! And now I am into another venture! To learn the nuance of public speaking, not for my personal benefit alone, but for the future generations!

  1. Bangaru Babu Rajendra Prasad says:

    How are you AG Hareendralal? I was you classmate at Trivandrum Engineering College.I contacted you on Facebook. I have been in US since 1972. I would like to meet you and other friends when I visit India in November/December 2013.

    I learned more about you from your speech.

    Please send me a reply — my e-mail is

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