The First Inter Gavel Contest for Division J – Come be a part of the celebrations!


Division J invites you to witness its First Gavel Contest. A contest …of the gavillers …for the gavillers …by the gavillers! Come witness and support the best of talents in action! It’s an event you do not want to miss!

This is the First Inter Gavel Contest to be hosted by Division J. Four clubs will contest with eight contestants in each category. A treat for the Seniors to watch and learn from the Juniors.

Gaviliers and Parents are requested to confirm their seats with the Gavel Clubs. Toastmasters of Division J, confirm your seats with your Area Governor. Toastmasters of Division B, F and H – do send the Div J Governor TM Balaji Bhushan a mail if you wish to attend.

Seats are limited. So, rush your entries.

Gavel Contest

Gavillers! Register with respective Gavel Club Coordinators

Toastmasters! Register with respective Area Governors

Date: 21st April 2012, Saturday
Time: 2pm onward
Venue: Skyline University College, Sharjah

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