Seminar on 21st Century Leadership Challenges & Characteristics by Speakers Bureau, Dubai

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21st Century Leadership Challenges & Characteristics

Speakers Bureau – Dubai

Toastmasters International, Division B, District 79

A Half Day Power Packed Seminar on 17th June, 2011 at Al Futtaim Training Centre, Um Ramool, Dubai

We often ask ourselves, “If my ‘position’ was taken away, will someone still consider me a “leader?”

You see, leadership thinking never goes out of fashion. Not surprising either! The world is changing faster than ever, bringing along with it challenges… and opportunities. Be it nations, economies, industries, companies, communities, or families! And, the need for appropriate leadership, naturally, is greater than ever too.

In the last decade, opportunities, ironically have surfaced due to both economic turmoil and economic growth.

The world has not always been able to find the right leaders in these circumstances.

Many have leap-fogged into leadership positions and must now learn in quick time… whilst performing above expectations… all the time. Many, understandably, struggle.

Change is in the air closer to home too. Come… July 1st, a new era will begin in Toastmasters, with a new leadership team at the helm, to charter a new course for our clubs! The timing couldn’t be more appropriate for an afternoon of revealing conversation on a subject that we live and breathe at Toastmasters.

Speakers Bureau invites you to an engaging session on ‘21st century leadership – its challenges & characteristics’. The Speakers Bureau presents a half-day seminar on the subject, dotted with open discussions, individual and group activities, case studies and healthy debate.

Join us on 17th June 2011, from 2.00pm onwards at the Al Futtaim Training Centre.

Topics Covered:

  1. 21st century leadership challenges and qualities
  2. Leadership made effective
  3. Leadership in organizations
  4. Leadership in Non Profit Organizations & Toastmasters

Speakers in the seminar

  1. Lalit Bhalla
  2. Prakash Chugani
  3. Royston Fernandes
  4. Col. Mohammed Murad

Chairman Speakers Bureau

M: 050-5382429

Chief Co-ordinator

M: 050-3692688


M: 050-7885908

Convenor-Marketing & Promotion

M: 050-2252817

*Nominal Registration Charges apply.

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  1. Mohan D. says:

    Thanks Ravoof,

    I have booked my seat with TM Ravi…Thanks to TM Anirudh and his Round Robin theme…will not let such opportunities slip by! :)

    Mohan D.

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