Results of DTAC Bahrain 2012


The DTAC Bahrain 2012 competition was a huge success. It brought out many talented speakers to the limelight. The results of the competition are as follows:

International Speech Contest

1st Place winner: TM Sam Kodeih
2nd Place winner: TM Rafiq Ahmed
3rd Place winner: TM Milanie Sanchez

Humorous Speech Contest

Shurooq AlBanna - DTAC 2012 Humorous Champion

1st Place winner: TM Shurooq AlBanna (The Pride of Lagoon Toastmasters!)
2nd Place winner: TM Zakaria Sulaiman
3rd Place winner: TM Rafiq Ahmed

Evaluation Contest

1st Place winner: TM Ahmed Shukri
2nd Place winner: TM Aishwarya Ramakrishnan
3rd Place winner: TM Nisha Shivram

Table Topic Contest

1st Place winner: TM Jiju Varghese
2nd Place winner: TM Sheryl Serafin
3rd Place winner: TM Aseem Prashar

The District 20 PR awards for the year 2011-2012.

Congratulations to Lagoon Toastmasters (Area 30), Star of Arabia Toastmasters (Area 33) and Oasis Toastmasters (Area 8 ) for winning the following awards:

  1. Platinum Web byte award – Lagoon Toastmasters
  2. Talk of the Town (Members) award – TM Meesha Kapoor, Star of Arabia Toastmasters
  3. Captivating Communique award – Sands of Time Newsletter, Star of Arabia Toastmasters
  4. Beat the Drum Award – TM Sunshine, Oasis Toastmasters
  5. CSM Award (Best club with social media presence) – Lagoon Toastmasters


Below are messages from District 20 Governor & Division J Governor.

District 20 Governor

In 2006, a year after I joined the Toastmasters International, I was competing in the International speech contest and my message to myself was (I’m not out here to win a contest, but I’m here to pass a message for life, and to say that one day I will win a contest).

The biggest reward for a well done challenge accomplishments is to have it done, and our champions of District 20 did it with quality, Congratulation, Congratulation, Congratulation to all the winners of District 20, and on behalf of our District 20 team and DTAC 2012 head of committees and all the key role players I wish to congratulate all the winners.

To all my family members in District 20, It’s time for you to live up to your success, smile, and take life challenges and transfer them to reality.

I wish you more and more success in your life and with the wonderful Toastmasters International movement.

Khalid AlQoud DTM,
District 20 Governor

Division J Governor
Dear Division Council Members,
Good morning. I am aware that quite a few of you who were present at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Bahrain for the last three days are yet to get out of your slumber. District Toastmasters Annual Conference 2012 (DTAC 2012) was a memorable occassion for every Toastmaster / guest who attended and especially for Division J. Please pass on the following update to every club / every member of Division J without fail:


Division J had four representations at the Semi Finals on 24th May – Nelson Menezes (Evaluation), Shurooq AlBanna (Humorous), Prasad Shetty (Table Topics) and Priya Ramachandran (International). They were up against the best of speakers from Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon in Group A. While the performance was really good, Nelson Menzes could not make it to the Finals. However we wish to congratulate the other three – Priya Ramachandran (Apple TM), Prasad Shetty (Creek TM) and Shurooq Al Banna (Lagoon) for moving into the finals. They did Division J proud.

The Table Topics and Humorous Speech finals was on 25th and the International Speech finals was on 26th May. Competition was fierce in the presence of a crowd of over 400. The performance was exemplery but the best of best prevailed. Priya Ramachandran and Prasad Shetty could not make it to the winners list, but the lady in black, the mesmerising “Mama Mia” and the one who gleefully welcomed all the Bahrains:

SHUROOQ AL BANNA was the winner all the way. It is an honor for Division J and Lagoon Toastmasters to have her as our member and we see her as the lady with the torch for our Division. Congratulations Shurooq and Lagoon Chapter.

The mail from District Governor containing the list of winners is annexed below.


Once the contests were over, Division J was ready to present DTAC 2013. Having been selected as hosts for the event next year, it was up to us to welcome the audience and members of District 20 to come over to Dubai on the 9th, 10th and 11th May 2013.

The presenters were TAARIQ BAALAWY (Star of Arabia) and SHUROOQ ALBANNA (Lagoon) – Oh, what a performance from these two Toastmasters on the stage for 15 minutes in Arabic and English. Congratulations to them for having portrayed Division J and Dubai in a wonderful manner to the audience. Not to forget one more people who contributed to this presentation – Division Secretary Anupama Parkar – she had a video comprising photographs and memorable moments of all the earlier DTACs – 1999, 2003, 2006 & 2009 which were held in the UAE.

Fantastic performance on stage, well received and we are sure that we shall have over 700 people in Dubai next year by this time.

DTAC 2013 is yours and can never be successful without cooperation and support from every member of Division J. We have just started and have miles and miles to go to ensure that we are great hosts.

What’s in store for DTAC 2013:

Division J are the hosts and we have already started working on the program. Some of the things we have finalized are below:

  • Dubai Economic Department has confirmed that they would be the patrons for this event.
  • After much thought we have finalized the tagline for the event as ‘ASPIRE TO INSPIRE”
  • We had advertised for a competition to select the logo – there were many entries and the best chosen one belonged to TM RAJAGOPALAN NAMBIAR from Apple Chapter – Congratulations to Raj – he won a free trip to Bahrain – the logo is attached herewith for your information.
  • We have received confirmation from Toastmasters International that the PRESIDENT OF TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL 2012-2013 DTM JOHN LAU WILL BE OUR GUEST OF HONOR & KEY NOTE SPEAKER.
  • We are about to finalize on the venue and shall keep you informed – however do remember that DTAC 2013 will be on 9th, 10th and 11th May 2013 – DO NOT MISS.
  • We had requested nominations from members if they are interested to be part of the Committee – while we have received some names, we are expecting more – so hurry up.


Every DTAC is also the time when the District Council meets to elect its leaders. It was a long drawn out event, planned for three hours but got extended to almost five hours since there were many candidates nominated.

We would like to congratulate our incoming Division J Governor for the year 2012-2013 – ACG TM RAMKUMAR – Sharjah Chapter who was elected unanimously.

The District Officers who got elected were – DTM Alex Ginete from Bahrain (District Governor), DTM Vicky Ferer from Jordan (Lt Governor Education) and TM Subha Anupindi from Qatar (Lt Governor Marketing).

DTAC 2012 Attendees from Division J:

While some of the registered participants could not make it due to commitments, Division J had over 25 people from different clubs in the audience. We could see that they had a gala and memorable time in Bahrain – listening to the great speeches, key note addresses and of course the opportunity to meet Toastmasters from all over the District. Thank you for being there to encourage our participants and of course utilising a great opportunity in life.

DTM Nagabhushan Balaji
Division Governor
Division J, District 20

Photos Courtesy Shyam Sundar & Gaurav Paul

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    George Jacob says:

    Congrats Shurooq!

    Your hard work give you back GLORY.

    Congrats to Dr. Balan for the brilliant attempt!

    Keep it going.

    All the very best.

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    • Mr Armando, Please ignore such mails. We belong to Toastmasters International, a non-profit organisation to develop our communication and leadership skills. We are in no way affiliated to the company you mentioned. Thank you. Have a great day.

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