Lagoon wins the Platinum Web Byte Award at DTAC Jordan!


Platinum Web Byte Award winner

Lagoon Toastmasters Club wins the Platinum Web Byte Award at DTAC 79 Jordan!

Lagoon Toastmasters Club received the District 79 “PLATINUM WEB BYTE AWARD” for the year 2010-11. The District 79 conference was held on from the 26th to the 28th of May at Amman, Jordan.

Excellent club websites, with a good click winning potential are recognized and rewarded by District 79 annually. The awards acknowledge the investment of time and effort, the dedication and creativity that goes into the building and maintenance of clubs’ websites. District 79 regards the benefits of good web pages do not stop merely with the present and potential members of the clubs; they extend the vision of Toastmasters International to the entire world.

A club website has two main purposes, to attract new members and to keep current members informed.

The Lagoon Toastmasters Club website had been launched in the year 2004. Since the launch, Lagoon has been in the forefront in terms of using the web to spread the message of Toastmasters and to provide a learning forum for people wanting to improve on the Leadership and Communication skills.

Every search on the web brought new people to Lagoon wanting to reach their success. Indeed the website has been a powerful tool for the club. The website represents the club to the world.

Recently the website was re-launched, thanks to the persistence of the Club President Rakesh Dayal. As the VP public Relations Abdul Ravoof  said “If it was not for the continuous  calls and positive mindset of the President, I wouldn’t have done it. He had faith in my ability to bring out a brand new website. Moreover I wanted to have a more interactive website with the changing times. It surely worked out.”.

On hearing the news that Lagoon had won the award, an ecstatic VP PR said he was grateful to all the support he had received and for all the members in using and interacting in the website.

Indeed it is a great honour for Lagoon to win this prestigious award!

Well done President. Well done Lagoon!

Messages from the members on the achievement.

Dear AG30/ TM Sailesh Gaghda, Lagoon Toastmasters club received District 79 “PLATINUM WEB BYTE AWARD” for the year 2010-11, Congratulations to the club President and the members of the team who have worked for this award.

Please share this good news to the club president and every member of your team.
Sasikumar G, Division Governor-J, District 79

Lagoon Club has scored another BIG award! Our has bagged the PLATINUM award this year, make sure to visit the site and direct all your friends and guests to it. You can also publicise via your Facebook and other social networking sites. Saluting the fantastic effort by our webmaster Abdul Ravoof – The Nerd in our Herd.

Sailesh Gaghda, Area Governor, Div J

Congrats Ravoof, Well done and thank you for keeping the Lagoon flag flying all over the web. We are proud of you for the dedication you have shown and maintained the web site.

Prabakaran Rao, ACB, CL

Congratulations, you are the real WEB MASTER
Mathew Philip Mathews, Etisalat, Sharjah

Congratulation Ravoof for  your remarkable work and making Lagoon fly high !!!


  1. Congratulations Ravoof! This award is the recognition for your hard-work, commitment and dedication. Lagoons website is the face of Lagoon Toastmasters club and is maintained in a very professional way! All Credit goes to Ravoof. I am sure you will win this award every year, year after year.

  2. Mohan D. says:

    Congratulations Ravoof….Take a bow, you are the Pablo Picasso of web designing or can I say you are the Rajnikanth of web designing!

  3. Thank you Rashid and Mohan. Your comments are more rewarding than the actual reward!

  4. Santhosh.kumar
    Santhosh says:


    You did it. Hats off to Lagoon Techie. Let us make it a habit to win this award every year.

  5. Sajid Koroth
    Sajid Koroth says:

    A well deserved award. Hats off to you, Ravoof. Excellent job. Keep doing the good work.

  6. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    We are proud of you Ravoof. You have added another feather in Lagoon TMC’s Hat…Keep it Up Sir..Appreciate your hardwork

  7. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    Congratulations Ravoof, you are the shining star in the horizon of web designers. More recognition will come. You are innovative, creative, humorous, adaptive,charitable, bold (and beautiful) at the same time humble.

    These qualities reflect in your website, keep it up.

  8. sithara
    sithara says:


    Keep the flag of Lagoon flying and ever growing like your hair !

  9. Thank you all. I’m flattered! EEEE

  10. “Congrats RAVOOF” and Lagoon Team.

    This is the beginning,for many more achievements to follow this year.

  11. MK Rajan
    M.K.Rajan says:

    Mabrook to Ravoof and Lagoon

  12. Biswaranjan says:

    Many many congratulations to our Web Master Ravoof. At least now we all should use it more and more!!!

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