Lagoon Toastmasters sends nomination for Platinum Web Byte Award


The PR Magnum Awards is an initiative of Toastmasters International District 79 into helping clubs improving their communication skills and spread the awareness of Toastmasters to everyone. A lot of clubs have used their ingrown talent to broaden their communication skills on account of this move.

The PR Magnum awards comprise of 4 awards namely – Talk of Town, Beat the Drum, Platinum Web Byte & Captivating Communiqué. These four awards are for producing best articles, best posters, best website and best newsletter respectively.

Lagoon Toastmasters were the pioneers in Sharjah and Dubai to be the only club in the UAE to actually run their own website. Naturally it attracted a lot of attention and it soon became on of the most sought out website for information on Toastmasters. Although the site did generate a lot of interest, there was no interaction from its members and practically became just an information site.

With the boom of online activity and networking taking over, it was decided that Lagoon Toastmasters needed a revamp fast. Today, the site’s new fresh look, offers members and visitors updated news every minute, what’s happening in and around the Toastmasters circle as well as the latest local chapter news. While blogging, socializing, sharing and networking catching on like wild fire with the likes of WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter; Lagoon Toastmasters has all of this and more for its users.

Members can now interact with each other in the comments area, share articles and anything of interest in their social sites or catch up on the latest in all of its new and improved sections. The new site is more search-engine friendly and has been optimized for maximum use for member to search for just about anything.

With the new and improved design and the loads of information available on the site, it was decided by the Lagoon EXCOM to send the club website for the Platinum Web Byte Award this year. The award was introduced last year. Lagoon hopes to bag this prestigious award this year at the DTAC 2011 in Amman, Jordan.

Heres wishing the club in achieving this award and spreading the Toastmasters message.

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