Lagoon Toastmasters celebrates 10th Anniversary in style.


10 years have passed in a flash. We never know how much time has gone by until we sit back and realize it. Lagoon Toastmasters was formed by TKMCE Alumni members who were inspired by their children. It started under the leadership of J K Nair, Dinesh Purohit & Nancy Fare – supported by C G Ganesh. The first president of the club was BG Nair. It started with around 20 members.

It was a tough start for them as stated by B G Nair. He says it was very difficult to get 10 members to come for the meeting and even more difficult to get a new member to the club. Although the founder members had a lot of support, the going was tough. Through their dedication, they had to strive hard to make this club for what it is today. Their early efforts has paid off handsomely! More on our history here.

Lagoon slowly evolved through the years producing one of the finest speakers and leaders of the GCC. Padmaja Ganesh, Farooq Mohammed, Mathew Jacob, Loy Machedo are some of the members who have brought honours to our club. MK Rajan, Mukunda Kumar, Safeer, Nujum, Jiju Jalal, Vinod, Jessie etc were the pillars for Lagoon. The list goes on. The younger breed of members are a more excited bunch. They will surely help take Lagoon to greater heights. Wish them all the best.

Coming back to the celebrations. Division J Governor DTM Nagabushan Balaji attended the function as the Chief Guest. There wer around 60 attendees – members along with family. Reghunath Nair was the TMOD who took the celebrations from start to finish. He did a fabulous job of conducting the show. The preparations were done weeks in advance. There were a lot of activities for family members and children.

Lalitha handled the “Adult” games very well! It was a fun time for husband and wife! Rose handled the children’s games like a pro. All the little one showed their talent. They sang, danced, told stories and played. It was a wonderful experience for all to watch them.

Mr Guna did a fantastic session. He memtioned the phrase “Some people make an impression wherever they go and some whenever they go”. He told us a couple of stories which had us all in splits. He organised a fun game in which nearly everyone got involved. Thank you Guna for making this so exciting for all of us.

After lunch the presidential address was given by our President Chandrashekar. He invited our founder president BG Nair to give us a few words. Former presidents also gave their small speeches and told us their experiences.

Tall tales and Humorous table topics were held for the members. At the end of the day the Div Gov Balaji concluded the show by giving a speech and the prizes to the winners. He made a point that a lot of senior members were not in the meeting and that it was essential they were there.

In all it was a grand day and we all had the best of fun!

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  1. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    It was indeed a great experience being a part of lagoon and that too being president of lagoon, this year.

  2. Dear Chandra & Team,

    Congrats for organizing the event with many fun games, getting many past presidents, well conducted contests and of course very good food.

    It was a wonderful well spent day and I enjoyed every moment..

    Keep up the good work and thanks to Guna, Rose, Reghu and others who were very active throughout to make it a grand success.

    Special thanks to Lalitha for the excellent preparation and all behind the scene activities.


    Prabakaran Rao

  3. New members is the life blood of any organisation and Lagoon is blessed with that…people come and go but Lagoon will live for ever. Kudos to Chandra/Reghu and the ExCom

  4. Dear Sekharji and Team,
    A big thanks for arranging a wonderful milestone event.
    We all enjoyed it a lot and even my son liked it till the end.
    Not sure if we will all be around for the 20th Anniversary, but we sure will cherish these memories for a long time to come.
    Thanks once again to all who toiled to make this event a success.
    Best regards,
    Mohan D.

  5. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    lol, i think I will be there till 2021. Just today got my Driving license renewed and it is valid upto 9 sept 2021. Atlease dubai police belives that i can drive upto that time.

    Thanks Santosh, Ravoof, Mohan for your encouraging comments.

  6. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    We had an excellent day.

    The positive things according to me:-

    1. MTM Lalita Done well with the Games and her support behind the screen through out the day.
    2. TM Guna’s show was excellent. He involved everybody and entertained everybody.
    3. Rose done a good job by entertaining the kids.
    4. TMOD Reghu was in full energy and done an excellent job.

    The point we may have to note for further improvements in the future according to me :-

    1. Morning session was enjoyable for the kids with games and activities but after lunch session when the speeches started they started making noise. When we have like this family get together do we really need speeches?. Or we could have planned some thing different for the kids to keep them buzzy during the speech time. I am sad because of this I had to leave early.
    2. Time management was not very good. We told we start at 10 and I have been told to be there at 9 to do decorations. No body was there till 10.10AM.
    3. Number of members participated was very low. If exam is the reason then we could have selected a better time.
    4. When most of the members are living in Sharjah, why did we selected a place in Dubai?. This could be reason for less member participation.

    Any way all the best for the members and Lagoon Excom Team for the excellent team work.

  7. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    good Murali for your concern.

    my answer is as follows

    Morning session was made enjoyable for the sake of kids only and eve session was meant for humorous session. Unfortunately humor backfired.

    One of our founder member still with us, was proceeding on a long vacation and we had to have 10 ann celebrations before he left. There is no meaning for 10 ann celebrations without him. One more senior most member had difficulty in coming for eve session and hence day session was choosen.

    Participation of members should be addressed. Though we are 60 plus general participation in regular meetings also is less then 30. But all members who agreed to come, did come. We were more then 60 plus.

    India club is a prestigious place and for such a landmark celebration the venue is ideally suited. We had Gulf news reporter coming for a coverage.

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