Lagoon Club EXCOM elections for 2011 – 12


The Lagoon Toastmasters Club EXCOM Elections were held during the 244th club meeting on the 23rd of May 2011. The meeting was by TM Syed Fazlullah.

TM Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar, the Past President of Lagoon Toastmasters, presided over the EXCOM elections. It was done professionally and according to the TMI rules and regulations. The current Lagoon EXCOM headed by the club president TM Rakesh Dayal helped in setting up a nominating committee headed by past president TM Balan Vijay Kumar to nominate successors to the existing EXCOM.

The nominating committee included:

  1. Dr.Vijay Kumar – Immediate Past President
  2. MK Rajan – Founding member & Mentor of Lagoon Club
  3. Sailesh Ghaghda – Current Area Governor
  4. Rakesh Dayal – Current President
  5. Chandrasekhar – Current VP Education

The Election process started off with TM Vijay stating the rules and process of the election. A quorum (51% of active members) was needed to conduct business (including electing officers). Proxies or absentee ballots are not allowed at the club level.

One by one all the officers who were nominated by the committee were announced, starting with the president. There were no objections nor were they any other nominations from the floor. The club secretary TM Syed cast his vote to confirm the selection of all the officers.

All officers and their assistants were selected during the tie alloted. The assistants were selected to help groom them to become the next in line for the post. It was an exciting election.

The selected Club Officers and their assistants who were elected are listed below.

New Lagoon EXCOM for the year 2011-12

Lagoon EXCOM for 2011-12
From left: Rakesh Dayal (current President), Chandrashekhar (President), Praveen (VP Education),
Sithara (VP Membership), George (Sergeant @ Arms), Rodney (VP PR),
Biswaranjan (Treasurer) & Mathews (Secretary)

  1. President: TM Chandrashekhar Rao
  2. VP Education: TM Praveen K. Narayanan
  3. VP Membership: TM Raham Sithara
  4. VP Public Relations: TM Rodney Araujo
  5. Treasurer: TM Biswaranjan Samal
  6. Secretary: TM Mathew Philip Mathews
  7. Sergeant @ Arms: TM George Jacob


  1. Proxy president: TM Santhosh Kumar Ramachandran
  2. VP Education: TM Mohammed Rafi
  3. VP Membership: TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna
  4. VP Public Relations: TM Richa Singh & TM Divya Mathur
  5. Treasurer: TM Jose George Chulliyana
  6. Secretary: TM Sunita Nair
  7. Seargent @ Arms: TM Balakrishnan & TM Wafa

Apart from the Officer roles as per TMI, Lagoon also have other roles! These TMs help on the web, media, photos, video and also the library.

Webmaster: TM Ravoof /  TM Sreejith

Shootmaster: TM Sailesh Ghaghda / TM Suresh Edavana & TM Zakir Hussain

Librarian: TM Mohammed Rashid TC / TM Rakesh Dayal

Lagoon Club also had one more role and that is of the Wish Master! He greets all the members on their birthdays ad anniversaries! Lagoon Wish Master is TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna. We will surely miss our beloved, colourful, beautiful Wish Master TM Richa!

At the end of the elections, all the elected members gave an intro and what they would do the coming year. We at Lagoon Toastmasters wish them the very best in their work.


  1. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    Well done Syed. Superfast express.

  2. All the best for the new Lagoon EXCOM! President we expect a lot from you!!! We heard your speech….and recorded it too!!!

    • Mohan D. says:

      Dear TM Sekhar,
      Delighted to learn about your Presidency and your Team for the next year.
      I’m sure the club will witness growth and renewed enthusiasm.
      now that my other commitments are waning out I will be there to support as always.

  3. MK Rajan
    M.K.Rajan says:

    All the best for the New Excom.
    President Chandra, Walk the Talk.

  4. All the best for the new Excom! A great team indeed!

  5. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    I have a suggestion. Our President Rakesh Dayal was urging repeatedly all memebrs to nominate themselves and many nominated themselves and seconded by others and even there were many proposed panels.

    I request the concerned, for next time, please talk to the self nominees / and panel makers telling them why they were not considered (there could be many valid reasons – seniority – commitments – regular attendance – efficiency etc) before presenting the official panel(becasue official panel would be elected without contest – naturally) otherwise please dont repeatedly call for self nomination only to summarily ignore later on.Just present the nominees of excom. Ignoring all the self nominations without even a excuse, kill the positive spirit of toastmasters.

    Dont tell me please, it can be contested in election because no one wants to contest at the meeting because we respect official panel. That makes Toastmasters different from others.

    I promise I will not and dont want any position in the Lagoon – I will participate vigorously in all roleplayers and I will achieve all the grades as per the mannuals.

    Please take it in a positive spirit – Remember I was the first one to suggest Mr. Rao as president, but he was not willing at that time.

  6. Bala I do agree with you. People had nominated themselves through mail. If they did so, either an apt explanation as to why they did not make it or they should have been allowed to come on stage and give a speech and had a normal election. What is the point of asking members to nominate themselves and then the nominating committee omitting these self nominees during the election. These people were not even mentioned. Some were new members.

    You should have said these were all the nominees and these are the nominees by the nominating committee. You gave members no option but to agree to the nominees because of what Bala said – respect for the committee and of the selected members.

    Just imagine someone nominated themselves on the floor. Unintentionally, someone gets hurt in the process. If this was in an area or division, then it would be between many clubs, areas, divisions so it would not make much of a difference. But at club level it would certainly make a dent.

    I appreciate Bala bringing out this issue. I was also expecting more people to vote for. I am not saying I don’t agree with the selection, which of course is a superb team. It is just that many other members had wanted to take some role. At least they should have been given an opportunity.

    Agreed, members were selected based on their experience and other factors, but if that was the case, you should have told members that the committee alone will nominate the EXCOM. That way no one gets hurt! It is not easy for anyone to stand against a friend or an experienced person. Certainly he will feel alienated after he nominates himself on the floor, or at least will think that way.

    We should do it properly next time. We should be clear.

    Thanks Bala.

    • Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

      Ravoof, I never thought you were this much brave in your opinions. I wrote it very hesitatingly and I was sure I will be left alone. You made my day !!

      I raised a flag and you snatched the flag and ran forward – that is simply great.

  7. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Hi Bala,
    I do agree with you. there were many emails with different nominations and the nomination committee could have explained the selection criteria of their nominated members to make it more transparent and fair. I am happy with the new excom and respect the decisions of the nomination committee. but still……..

    Balan thanks for bringing this thought. i didnt thought of this during the meeting process.

    Muraleedharan Punnamanna

    • Balakrishnan Nambiar says:


      Thanks for your brave approach – we are all friends in Lagoon – no malice at all to anyone – I thinkk frank opinions without any malice will strengthen our bond. Keep it up.

  8. Sajid Koroth
    Sajid Koroth says:

    Dear New Excom, All the very best, A good team under Chandra.


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