Lagoon Business Review Meeting held for Q3 of 2010-2011


Rakesh Dayal - Lagoon President (2010 - 2011)The President of our club presided over the Business Meeting. In the half hour meeting various points were discussed regarding the current year and all achievements and pitfalls were discussed. It was a very eventful meeting and we hope we complete the year with flying colours!

Following points were discussed and agreed/approved by members during the meeting yesterday held in Rayan Hotel, Sharjah:

  1. Members requested to carry their CL manual for every meeting.
  2. Dress Code: Lagoon Club club recommends formal dressing especially for the role players, but there are no restrictions – one can attend the meeting in casuals.
  3. 2nd issue of Ripples will be released by the month of May 2011, and 3rd issue will be canceled.
  4. Members requested to use Lagoon website.
  5. Purchase of good quality camera for taking still pictures – approved
  6. Purchase of external hard drive – approved
  7. Look for the option of selling the current video camera (as it out dated) and purchase a new video camera with higher capacity and quality.
  8. President to send an email to members to nominate themselves for the next EXCOM (2011-2012)
  9. Emphasis was given to finish the meeting on time.
  10. VP Education along in coordiantion with the Treasurer should arrange to have copies of CL & CC manuals so that new members can start preparing their speech even before they received the manuals from TMI.
All members please send your feedback/ sugesstions for improving the quality of our club meetings. Or any area where you think we as EXCOM could serve you better. All feedback/suggestion is welcome.

Details of the Business Review Meeting below.

Club Meetings

  1. Regular meetings conducted with interesting Themes
  2. Members are taking advantage of ALTTS (Advanced Lagoon Table Topics Speaking)
  3. Debate Competition & Evaluation Contest was organized
  4. 3 Speakathons conducted till date
  5. 3 Education sessions was conducted in Q3 by
    • TM Loy
    • DTM Murad
    • DTM Uma
  6. Club contests were efficiently organized
  7. Avgerage strength of members in a regular meeting – 35
  8. EXCOM taking “Call Masters” role

DCP Goals

  1. Currently we have achieved the status of “Select Distinguished Club” by scoring 7 points out of 10.
  2. Our aim is to achieve all 10 Points and become “President’s Distinguished Club
  3. Plan to achieve it:
    1. Additional 2 CC’s: 1 Point (Santhosh–P9/ Reghu-P9/ Praveen-P8)
    2. 1 AC: 1 Point (Jessie-P9 – Completed P10 Today) so today we have achieved 8 DCP points
    3. Additional AC: 1 Point (Rakesh-P8)


  1. Members as on 2nd Jul 2010 – 55
  2. Current strength (active) – 60
    • 31 new members joined during Jul’10 – Apr’11
  3. Proud to have 3 Locals (Emirati) in Lagoon Club

Member’s Progress Chart

  1. EXCOM monitored the progress of every member
    • VP Education followed up actively and persuaded members to deliver their speech
    • 3 speakathons were conducted to ensure that every members get chance to deliver their project in club
  2. Mentor – Mentee list was shared by VP Education
    • TMOD is briefed by VP Edu. to follow up with Mentors if their Mentee contacted them for guidance


  1. First issue of Ripples was released last month
  2. Second issue of Ripples will be released by May

Lagoon @ Website

Website was revamped to give a new look.

Demo Meeting @ Petrofac

  1. Successfully conducted 2 Demo Meeting for Petrofac employees at Petrofac premise
  2. Around 28 employees registered for Petrofac Toastmasters Club after the Demo Meetings

Fun Moments

  1. In Lagoon every meeting is FUN filled…but we had a family ‘get-together’ at Mamzar Park on 25th Mar 2011


  1. We started with MTM Sandhya’s Farewell last year
  2. On 25th Mar 2011, TM Mathew Jacob was given send-off

Target for next 2 months

  1. Achieve 10 DCP Points
  2. Conduct one more Speakathon in May’11
  3. Release 2nd issue of Ripples – Lagoon Newsletter
  4. Conduct education session on CL Manual
  5. Maintain the list of inventory
  6. Purchase a camera for taking still pictures
  7. Organize and coordinate for having efficient Lagoon Library
  8. Identify successors for EXCOM
  9. Help the committee to nominate & elect EXCOM for financial year 2011-2012
  1. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    Ravoof you are doing a great job. You have helped us to make our dream come true. Keep it up

  2. Well done Pres Rakesh for guiding the club so well. You have done an excellent job in all departments.


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