Lagoon achieves the President’s Distinguished Club for the 6th time!


President's Distinguished ClubLagoon Toastmasters Club achieves the President’s Distinguished Club for the 6th time for the year 2010-2011!  Congratulations to all the members of the club who strived hard to achieve the goals. The members helped by achieving Educational and Membership areas. The number of new members for the year was 27! That is an amazing feat. It just goes to show how much people want to improve their speaking and leadership skills.

Lagoon has been in the forefront in this region for quite some time. The informal atmosphere and the helping attitude of the senior Toastmaster members has brought the club to where it is now.

The report below.

DCP point Description Goal achieved Status
1 CCs 2 achieved
2 Additional CCs 2 achieved
3 ACs 1 achieved
4 Additional ACs 1 achieved
5 CL, AL, or DTM 1 achieved
6 Additional CLs, ALs, or DTMs 1 achieved
7 New Members 4 achieved
8 Additional New Members 27 achieved
9 Officers Trained (both required) achieved
June-August 4
and December-February 4
10 Submitted on time (both required) achieved
October or April Renewal 2
and Officer List 1
Total points achieved:
10 Goals achieved

Special mention goes to the President TM Rakesh Dayal (2010-2011), for the confidence he had on the members and his dedication in whatever he did. The EXCOM also did a fabulous job. The VP Ed TM Chandrashekar had a tough time but as usual he enjoyed doing it.

This year let us hope we continue this dream run and win it for the 7th time under President TM Chandrashekar.

Congratulations Lagoon for this achievement.

  1. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar says:

    It was a tough job but we did it and I am sure we will do it the seventh time also.

    It is a pleasure to work in lagoon.

  2. MK Rajan
    M.K.Rajan says:

    Another Challenge for Chandra and Praveen!

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