Joint meeting with Dubai Toastmasters


We are pleased to announce that we are going to have a joint meeting with the Dubai Toastmasters Club.

Title: Joint meeting with Dubai Toastmasters

Location: Al Futtaim Training Center, Dubai

Description: As a commitment to improve the quality of meetings and thereby bring the DTAC trophy back to Lagoon we are taking lot of measures.

In June it was DTAC Champion TM VIKAS MENON.

In July it was another DTAC runner up TM MEERAN.

August we saw two visitors, Div J Winner TM Charity, explaining us the secret of winning and also the secret of loosing


To know our weakness we had Area governor TM Fidel doing the general evalutaion.

Now we are going out to find how other clubs function.

A meeting with one of its kind Dubai Chapter.

Dubai Chapter, one of the oldest clubs in Dubai, boasts senior members like Mohamed Murad, Uma Radhakrishnan, V.P.Menon etc.

Start Time: 19:30        End Time: 21:45

Date: 2011-08-08


Agenda of the meeting

The TMOD will be TM Reghunath Nair

0:00 Start Duration         Activity Role player
Warm-up 19:30 0:01 Mission Statement / Call to Order TM Deepak Gulati.
19:31 0:04 Presidential Address & Introduction of Guests TM Chandrasekhar Rao & TM Kannan
19:36 0:04 Toastmaster’s Message TM  Regunath Nair
19:41 0:02 Word of the Day MTM Beena George
19:44 0:08 Round Robin Session All  Present
19:52 0:07 First  Project Speech – P3 MTM Divya Nair.
20:00 0:07 Second  Project  Speech P4 TM  Lijo Thomas
20:08 0:07 Third   Project Speech – P5 TM K Muneerudeen
Project Speech 20:16 0:07 Fourth  Project Speech – P6 TM Sandeep Adnani
20:23 0:07 Fifth project  Speech P1 TM Nattu
20:31 0:01 Timer’s Report TM Muraleedharan P
20:32 0:01 Best speaker – Votes and Collection Toastmasters Only
20:43 0:05 Induction of new members TM Aadil Kadri
20:48 0:01 Introduction to Table Topics Master TM Regunath Nair
Impromptu 20:49 0:01 Introduction to Table Topics TM Mathew P Mathew
20:51 0:08 Table Topic Speakers Members & Guests
20:59 0:01 Timer’s Report TM Muraleedharan P
Evaluations 21:00 0:01 Best TT Speaker  – Votes & Collection Voting by All
21:01 0:01 Introduction to  General Evaluators TM Regunath Nair
21:03 0:01 General Evaluator Message TM VP Menon
21:05 0:03 Evaluating MTM Divya Nair  – P3 TM  Deepak Gulati
21:09 0:03 Evaluating TM Lijo Thomas- P4 TM Jessie D’Sozusa
21:12 0:03 Evaluating TM  K Muneerudeen – P5 TM Santosh
21:16 0:03 Evaluating TM  Sabdeep Adnani – P6 TM  Rakesh Dayal
21:20 0:03 Evaluating  TM Nattu – P1 TM Aadil Kadri
21:24 0:01 Timer’s Report TM  Muraleedharan P
Closing 21:25 0:01 Best Evaluator – Votes & Collection Toastmasters Only
21:26 0:03 Joke Master TM Sailesh
21:30 0:01 Word Master’s Report MTM  Beena George
21:31 0:03 Grammarians Report TM  George Jacob
21:34 0:01 Ah Counters Report TM George Jacob
21:35 0:05 General Evaluation TM Menon
21:40 0:04 Awards & Certificates TM Chandrasekhar Rao & TM Kannan
21:44 Safe Drive…
  1. sekhar
    Chandrasekharf Rao says:

    dtac champ vikas menon will be using the same stage to practice his speech which he is going to deliver in the toastmaster international convention later this year. Vikas speech is at 7:15, 15 before the start of actual meeting.

  2. I am working for Amity Unviersity, I would like to join the Toast Master Club, Dubai.
    Please let me know how can I do that.

    Thanks and regards,

  3. Hi toastmasters club, I’m a member of the club in the Philippines. I was not able to continue my speeches because I have to go to Dubai. I hope I can join all of you on the succeeding meetings.

    • Hi Muse, Welcome to Dubai. There are a lot of Toastmaster Clubs in the UAE. You can surely join in any you like. Please feel free to contact us when you reach Dubai. Our contact details are there in the contact us page.

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