Division J Team Building event at Skyline College, Sharjah on 19th Nov.


Division J is having a TEAM BUILDING event filled with fun and learning on the 19th of November. This is a unique event for a Toastmasters crowd. These are really fun and all of us can enjoy. This is a unique event which Toastmasters in the UAE have not attempted till date on a large scale.

Some salient features which has to be taken care of:

  • For any event to be held, there is a cost associated – however for this event the Division is ready to host for around 100 members followed by light dinner.
  • If the count exceeds 100, Div J will charge some funds to the clubs or to the members.
  • This is a team event not an individual one – please note.
  • There are no prizes – everyone participates and enjoys.
  • The event will be for around four to five hours on 19th November 2011
  • All the Areas need to participate as this will be an Area specific event – once the names are received, we shall mix and match the names.

Selection of teams:

  • Each Area will need to nominate minimum 15 and maximum 20 members for the event.
  • If we have new clubs chartered from now before 19th November, they too should be included.
Break up of members in Area, based on the number of clubs each Area (all clubs have to be included), as below:
  • Area 8 – minimum 3 and maximum 4 members per club since there are five clubs
  • Area 30 – minimum 5 and maximum of 7 members per club since there are two operating clubs and one might be chartered soon (if only two clubs are there, we need total of 15)
  • Area 33 – Same as Area 8
  • Area 57 – minimum 4 and maximum 5 from each club since there are four clubs – if another club is chartered before the date, the minimum and maximum would change.
  • Area 74 – minimum 5 and maximum 7 since there are three clubs – FMC might not participate but if they are ready, we would love it – if another club is chartered before the date, the minimum and maximum would change.


You may appoint one coordinator from your respective areas – preferably your Asst Area Governor Marketing to coordinate with Asst Div Gov Marketing Jayesh Ved.



What is going to happen on the 19th – why is it called Team building? 

The event is full of fun and entertainment. Each of these teams (five of them) will be playing games, mostly team building games. We will enjoy the fun and frolic to check whether they can really mingle together as a team and play it to the best of expectations. There is no winner or loser, it is just that we really wish that everybody enjoys what they are doing – you will eventually leave the hall smiling.

What should we wear and why should we attend?

Dress code is casual but decent. Each of the teams can present themselves during the introduction very well. For instance, a team can wear a specific color, decorate themselves and there will be marks for presentation of the team – they can even have a song and dance together for two minutes to show that they are the best of the lot.

Participating from Area 8: Green
Participating from Area 30:  Red
Participating from Area 33: Yellow
Participating from Area 57: Blue
Participating from Area 74:Black

Where is the event happening? – The event is happening at Skyline College Multipurpose Hall, University City, Sharjah.

When is it happening? – It is happening on the 19th November 2011 (Saturday)

What is the time? – Event will start at 5 PM and end at 9 PM followed by Dinner.

Who is participating and who should participate? – The event is only open to members of Division J. Each area should field a team of 15 people who can participate and there can be many more from the areas who can watch and enjoy.

Is there a restriction on the number of people who can come? – No but it is restricted to only members of Division J – no families or relatives allowed – only certain people have been called as exception specially.

Is there any fees to be paid for the event? – No – the event is being sponsored by the Division.

Is transportation arranged? – Unfortunately the Division does not have financial resources to arrange for your transportation – please get in touch with someone within your area who can help you out on this part.


As soon as the team details are received, we shall be briefing the captain of the team of what needs to be done for preparations.

Members should take opportunity of coming since this is a great opportunity to network with over 100 people, learn tricks of team building techniques and eventually have fun.

If there are any more queries, please do ask – because I believe in one thing in this world – if you hesitate to ask, you will never learn. Just ask and you will at least know something in life.

We wish to have maximum participation.

DTM Nagabhushan Balaji
Division Governor
Division J, District 20


Event photographs here – http://lagoontoastmasters.com/news-events/a-successful-team-building-event-by-division-j/

  1. Rohit Tharamal says:

    Excellect, team building & networking skills are the one which I would like to develop.

    I am intrested to participitate in this event.

  2. Rohit I think you should contact our president. From our club all seats are full, but I think you will be able to get a seat. Maybe you can crash into the event! :)

  3. I wonder how comes there are no photographs of the event nor any report stating the highlights.

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