Division J, District 20 – Annual Conference, Dubai on 4th May

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The Division J Annual Conference is to be held this year on May 4th.

This is the day when the best of the best within the Division will be competing against one another to move forward to the highest level in the District. It is also a day for all of us to share our achievements for the year and to meet one another – remember that the Division has grown from around 350 members in the beginning to around 700 plus now – so there are many within our family for us to get introduced. Not only this, we have been crowned the PRESIDENT’S DISTINGUISHED DIVISION and we are expecting to have all our Areas to reach THE PRESIDENT’S DISTINGUISHED AREA STATUS within the next one and half months – so it is time to celebrate.

Mark the following:
DATE – 4TH MAY 2012

Main sponsor – TRISTAR

Highlights of the Conference:

– Banner March – 22 clubs – President’s & V P Educations of all clubs to be present mandatory along with the Area Governors.

– Release of Division J Souvenir

– Competitions in four different categories – International Speech, Humorous Speech, Table Topics & Evaluations (Five contestants each)

– Key note – Praveen Armugham – check this link if you wish to know more – praveenmentalist.com


The Contestants are as follows:

Evaluation Speech Contestants

1. Arnel Capili
2. Beenish Zaki
3. Gangadhar Krishna
4. Mohamed Javeed Khan
5. Nelson Menezes

Humorous Speech Contestants

1. Gurpeet Singh
2. KL Nagarajan
3. Manish S Shastri
4. Shurooq Al Banna
5. Sudhir Menon

Table Topics Speech Contestants

1. Gangadhar Krishna
2. Hemlatha Thawani
3. Manish S Shastri
4. Prasad Shetty
5. Priya Ramachandran

International Speech Contestants

1. Manish S Shastri
2. Nataraj T
3. Priya Ramachandran
4. Rekha Suresh Babu
5. Shruti Sharma


The Contest Agenda.

1:30 Registration & Briefing – Contestants, Judges, Role Players

2:30 Call to Order Chief SAA – TM Navendu Rai

2:35 Emcee MTM Sunshine Gerodias/ Taariq Ba’alawy

2:41 Banner March

3:16 Evaluation Contest – Contest Chair: MTM Finali Fernandes

3:22 Target Speech – Mystery Speaker

3:31 Address by Lt Gov Education, District 20 DTM Alex Ginete

3:38 Evaluation Contest – Contest Chair: MTM Finali Fernandes

3:41 Evaluation Contest – 5 Contestants

4:16 Humorous Contest – Contest Chair: TM Reghunath Nair

4:22 Humorous Contest – 5 Contestants

5:17 Surprise – Praveen CA

5:52 – 6:12 20 mins BREAK

6:19 Table Topics Contest – Contest Chair: MTM Charity Madera

6:25 Table Topics Contest – 5 Contestants

6:55 International Speech Contest – Contest Chair: TM A. Hariharan

7:01 International Speech Contest – 5 Contestants

7:56 Division Governor Address – DTM Balaji Nagabhushan

8:02 Closing & prize distribution – DTM Balaji Nagabhushan



Location Map (PDF) – http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/7989318/1031179103/name/Etisalat_Academy_location_map.pdf

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/318943768177482/

  1. Rajagopalan says:

    Congratulations to all the Eligible Bachelors of the entire UAE – they are IN for a surprise when they choose (& qualify) for the marriage of this CENTURY.

    Congratulations to LAGOON TM for producing the most Humorous Toastmaster of Division J. I, on behalf of Apple toastmasters would like to extend our congratulations and extend the best of wishes for a repeat (& effective) performance at Bahrain. God willing, I would be fortunate enough to witness the electrifying performance once again. I have already started visualizing on what would the post marriage experiences be! At least a couple more humorous speeches?

    Good luck TM Shurouq!!

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