A successful meeting with D’Chaps!


Well it was indeed a wonderful joint meeting with the D’Chaps. More on that from the President of the Lagoon Toastmasters.

Dear Members,

Thank you very much for the successful joint meeting with Dubai Chapter.

I thank all the members who had taken part in the meeting, particularly, Rajan sir, Jessie, Santosh, Mathews, Sailesh, George, Natraj, Rajsekhar. (sorry if I have forgotten someone).

Thank you Reghu, for accepting the TMOD role in the last minute and also for a vibrant meeting.

Last but not the least A BIG THANKS TO MURALEE FOR MAKING THIS MEETING HAPPEN. He was there from the day I requested him. He followed up with all the role players including that of the Dubai chapter. Filled up roles, made the agenda and even printed them and quietly took the timer role and did complete justice to the role.

I learned a few things from the meeting from Dubai chapter.

Some of them were

1.Opening by SAA was vibrant. We need to work on that. George is doing a great job but still there is scope of improvement. SAA sets the tone for the meeting.
2. Wordmaster doing the round robin.
3. To give the message slip to the speaker in a message bag with the name of speaker, which is circulated on the table.

And on the suggestions given by General Evaluator, TM VP Menon,

1. Mentors to be present with new members during induction.
2. Don’t scare Table topic speakers before calling them and give more preference to members then guests.

Chandrasekhar Rao

Thank you Sailesh for the photos.
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  1. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Combined meeting was a nice experience. We should do more meeting like this when ever time permits. The way they collected the feed backs was very good. We need to change the way we are doing the table topic. As Sailesh done last time , we can announce the topic and let the people come forward and speak on that. To enable people to speak more we should keep it simple. Thanks for the complements. It is a great experience working with Toast Masters…….. especially the Lagoon Toast Masters.

  2. Well done Reghu and Muralee.

    How was the feeling/atmosphere there? I sort of like the Lagoon one better.

    Anyway… let’s have more of these meetings. We should have it with inexperienced clubs too so as to help them improve their membership and also their confidence levels.

    Well done Chandra for making this happen.

  3. Kannan Shanmugam says:

    Excellent team work! Lagoon Toastmasters are energetic, supportive, easy going, and fantastic members. All the best!

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