Live Video Broadcast

This video broadcast is a new initiative to bring our lagoon meetings LIVE to the world! We initiated the LIVE stream in meeting number 246. It was a huge success and it brought together a large number of people together. Our old members and guests enjoyed the show from their homes. We had a lot of positive feedback. Past members of our club watched us LIVE from all across the world, India, Canada, US, Syria, UK, Japan, Korea etc.

The broadcast will only be LIVE during the meetings of Lagoon Toastmasters Club, Sharjah. Please check the calendar for our meeting dates and timings. Alternate Mondays between 7:30pm and 10:30pm. We hope you enjoy our meetings!


  1. Jeff Green says:

    I am a fellow Toastmaster in the US (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). I look forward to your live stream. What technology did you use to accomplish this?

  2. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    We are exited to see your comment Mr.Jeff Green. Lagoon’s Web master Ravoof has done this miracle. Our next meeting will be on Monday, March 15 at 7:30 pm which would be around 11:30 am EDT, in US.

    We are egarely Looking forward to hear your review of our meeting.

    Chandrasekhar Rao


    Come, Speak, Conquer.

  3. Vida Tenorio says:

    Looking forward to meet you all On Monday, 21st Representing Barangay Taastmasters Club from Philippines.

  4. Please feel free to visit us Vida. We can share our thoughts there.

  5. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    First time i am wathing live bc. It is very nice but we need to work on sound quality. A collar mic to be used or the microphone of the laptop to be placed near the podium. Over all the vdo quality is excellent

  6. Ravoof and Lagoon TM’s,

    I will definitely tune in for a live meeting next week. I saw a comment on using mic – maybe that would help cut out the noise? Congrats on yet another initiative.


  7. Eipe Eapen Chundamannil says:


    Excellent work – nostalgia has set in!


  8. Vijay Mudaliar says:

    Kudos to Lagoon Toastmasters Club for this initiative. I am regular watcher of the live webcast since Lagoon TMC meetings are great learning opportunity for every Toastmaster. In fact, I recommend all my friends to wath the live telecast to get to know about Toastmasters and many have joined Toastmasters thanks to Lagoon Toastmasters. Special compliments to Ravoof. and the entire team at Lagoons. TM Vijay Mudaliar, ACB, ALB.

  9. Vijay Mudaliar says:

    Hey Guys,

    I hear many cross talks and some of the members prompting or commenting while any speaker is on stage. In my opinion we are all learning and it is always advisable that reserve our comments and provide the same one to one to the concerned speakar after the meeting instead of disturbing him while in action. I was given this advise by a very senior toastmaster and realise that it makes sense.

  10. shushruth sudhir urwa says:

    how do i join the club???

  11. Ramasamy says:

    I am really looking forward to take part in Coming Monday meeting. Thanks for such a wonderful work.

  12. Cant seem to hear the audio.
    Is it just me or am I missing something?

  13. Mohamed says:

    Who is doing Active Participation like u in Abu Dhabi?

  14. Live streaming is an excellent way …. I could watch sitting at home….in Dubai….. Great work venkat ICAT Toastmaster

  15. Suleman Kasmani says:

    Excellent, thanks Ravoof. Happy to see fellow toastmasters after a long time.

  16. Vijay Mudaliar says:

    A quick feedback to the speaker (please give during the break or after the meeting) – should not move without any purpose left and right and disturb the projection with the shadow and also distract the audience. Can help if she positions herself at one side make a point and then move to the other side and make another point. Excellent speech topic can help if the movements are with specific purpose.


    TM Vijay Mudaliar

  17. Vijay Mudaliar says:

    Congratulations to TM Bala for compelting his CC

  18. Today we had another excellent Meeting of highest quality.
    Kudoos to TMOD Dr.Balan and his team for the fabulous job.
    Congratulations to the Milestone Speakers,MTM Raseeta and TM Balakrishnan Nambiar.
    Ravoof,you are doing a wonderful job, keep it up.

  19. Good to see my active club…

  20. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    MK Sir in fulloon action…I adore the Father of Lagoon

  21. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    Great evaluation by ever

  22. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    Great evaluation by every evaluators

  23. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    I am watching Lagoon members live…feeling nostalgic

  24. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    Ravoof great job

  25. Hello Lagoonites…Are we not meeting today? Waiting to watch you all LIVE,
    Warm regards,

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