Lagoon Meeting # 309


Meeting #             : 309

Date                         : December  3rd, 2013

Venue                     : Ballroom of Rayan Hotel.

Time                         : 7:30 – 10:00 pm              

The 309thMeeting was declared open at 7:30pm,by the Sergeant at ArmsTM Ravi Thankappan, by announcing the club mission and giving a brief introduction about Toastmasters International and first heart transplant in human history  for the benefit of the guests and  toast masters.

MTM RahamSithara gave her Presidential Address, she said ’’if you want to attain the pinnacle of success in any aspect of life ,then shear commitment, perseverance and a strong belief with in is what required’’. The floor was handed over by the President, MTM RahamSithara to the Tostmaster of the Day (TMOD) – TM Nataraj, who introduced the theme of the meeting   Ocean of Music, by explaining the life of  great musicians and their works in the  music field.

After which, the guests present (2) introduced themselves, and how they had heard about Lagoon Toastmasters’ Club. The Word for the Day: Aplomb, was introduced by the Word Master of the Day, TM Banuka. The word was used 25  times throughout the meeting.

The Round robin session was conducted by the TMOD and all present were encouraged to sing their favorite   song.

4  project speeches were delivered – 3 from the CC Manual, and 1 from the ACB Manual.

TM Arshad  delivered his P2  from the CC Manual. The speech topic was performance evaluation. The message of speech was  preparation ,practice and performance. The speech was evaluated by TM Ravi Thankappan.

TM Ajaykumar  delivered his P5, also from the CC Manual.The topic was  about the usage of own car versus   public transport . The speech was evaluated by TM  Rashid.

TM Sajith koroth delivered   his    p7     speech     about     Child labour.      The speech was evaluated by TM Rafi.

TM Praveen  delivered his  ACB-3 Speech  about the Evolution of telecommunication.The speech was evaluated by TM Balakrishnan Nambiar.

The Table topics session was conducted by the TT Master for the day – TM Rizwan .

The General Evaluator for the day MTM Rasitha Praveen  , introduced the Evaluators for the evening, and gave her  feedback of the overall meeting.

The awards were distributed byMTM  Raham Sithara and then delivered her closing address.

The meeting was declared closed at 10:00pm .


Best Speaker                                           : TM Sajith koroth

Best Evaluator                                        : TM Rafi

Best Table Topics Speaker              : TM Haris

Silent Role Player(s)

Timer:                                                         TM   Vishal

Ah Counter                              :              MTM   Surekha

Grammarian                           :       TM      Nitin.

Fine timer                                :       TM Santhosh kumar.

Joke master                             :        MTM Ayesha

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  1. Mohammed Rashid
    Mohammed Rashid says:

    A musical meeting orchestrated by Maestro ™ Natraj.

  2. Sajid Koroth
    Sajid Koroth says:

    A memorable meeting, filled with high energy and great results!!!

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