Lagoon Meeting # 306

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Meeting #             : 306

Date                         : October 21st, 2013

Venue                     : Ballroom of Rayan Hotel.

Time                         : 7:30 – 10:00 pm              

The ALTT session was conducted by TM Mohammed Rafi, with 5 TMs and MTMs participating in the session. The ALTTS’ central theme was  ‘Success’.

The 306th Meeting was declared open at 7:30pm, by the Sergeant at Arms – MTM Divya Nair, by announcing the club mission and giving a brief introduction about Toastmasters International for the benefit of the guests.

MTM Raham Sithara gave her Presidential Address, recounting the success of  the frog  who is deaf and dump and failure of the  gifted one.

The floor was handed over by the President, MTM Raham Sithara to the Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) – TM Ravi Thankappan, who introduced the theme ‘Respect’, by reminding the necessity of mutual respect  in our day to day life. He also allowed us to recollect the   teacher- student relationship  and respect in our own school/college days.

After which, the guests who were present (6) introduced themselves, and how they had heard about Lagoon Toastmasters’ Club. 2 members who had recently joined the Club were also introduced once again.

The Word for the Day: SYNERGY, was introduced by the Word Master of the Day, TM Mohammed Rashid. The word was used 18 times throughout the meeting.

The Round robin session was conducted by the TMOD and all present were encouraged to  speak about theme of the day Respect  or word of the day Synergy.

4 project speeches were delivered – All from the CC Manual.

TM Harsh delivered his  P1 from the CC Manual. The speech was about his personal life . The speech was evaluated by TM.Praveen.

TM Oommen  delivered his P1, also from the CC Manual, which was about  personal life which can be flourished with good quality  character.  . The speech was evaluated by TM Ajay Kumar.

TM Deeptiranjan Das, delivered his P3, from the CC Manual. An inspirational speech, revolving around “What goes around will come around “. The speech was evaluated by TM Sudhakaran.

TM Ashraf , delivered his P4, from the CC Manual. The speech was based on the concept of “ How to say it”.  The speech was evaluated by TM Reghunath.

The Education  session  was conducted by  TM Balan Vijaya kumar.  The subject was  Art of  Script Writing. This  session was  really well appreciated   by all attendees . Finally this great script was circulated by email to all Lagoonites.

The General Evaluator for the day TM Sunitha Nair , introduced the Evaluators for the evening, and gave her feedback of the overall meeting.

The awards were distributed by MTM Raham Sithara and then delivered her closing address.

The meeting was declared closed at 10:00pm .


Best Speaker                                           : TM Harsh

Best Evaluator                                        : TM Reghunath Nair.

Silent Role Players

Timer:                                                         TM  Balakrishnan Nambiar.

Ah Counter / Grammarian:           MTM Sahira Navas


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  1. Mohammed Rashid
    Mohammed Rashid says:

    Another wonderful meeting by an ever dedicated, ever committed Toastmaster, Ravi.

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