Lagoon Meeting #298


The 298th meeting of Lagoon’s was held with Sharjah toastmasters on the 15th of july 2013, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) conducted by TM Ajayakumar.     

The meeting was declared open by TM  Santhosh kumar  and he announced the club mission.

The Presidential address was given by MTM Raham Sithara. In the  Presidential address she said  “, perfection or excellence can be attained through   a series of trial and error method”. And every one is growing in proportion to their passion and  dedication .She quoted, at every moment of life  “ no one can stop you from growing  but you”. And handed over the podium to TMOD,TM Eapen Mathew.

TM Eapen Mathew  opened the meeting with a story of a  6  yatchmen  who crossed the  pacific ocean in a balsa wood to re- create the 1500-year old voyage. He stressed the importance of 5 p’s in the toastmasters voyage  from july 2013 to july 2014. These p’s   are purpose, pride, patience,persistence ,and perspective.
The theme of the day was,


We had 5 guests who introduced themselves.

The word of the day “Cymophobia” meaning “Fear of wave” was introduced by TM Mahinda .S. The word “Cymophobia “ was used for 7 times during the meeting.

There were  5 project speeches.

TM Zahid  delivered his Project 1, Ice breaking speech. The title of the speech was “Dreams comes to true”. He said, life is a struggle, being human beings we may all have gone through difficult situations. And also said that greatness is developed, tested and revealed through darker periods of one’s life. The speech was evaluated by TM Parimel.

TM Suresh Reddar also delivered his Project 2,  The title of the speech was :” Cause of Global warming”. He started of his speech by asking members to close the eyes for 1 minute and allowed to see the polar region with kmts of ice.The speech was evaluated by TM Gajendran.

TM Vijay Ghai  delivered his project 3 speech; The title of the speech was  safety and he narrated his goal of becoming a safety manager. The speech was evaluated by TM Abdul Ravoof.

TM Sujoy delivered his p-5  speech. Renaissance meaning  Rebirth . Speech was evaluated by Surekha Thakur.

TM Istiaq Raziq delivered his p6 speech. Speech was  evaluated by Mohammed Rafi.

After that, TM  Francis Soares  conducted a regular Table Topic session in which 1 guest and 2 members participated.

General Evaluation was done by TM  Dr.Balan Vijaykumar .He said constructive evaluation should be adopted to encourage and  elevate   the project speakers .

The silent role players were

Timer – TM NITHIN.

Ah Counter — TM HARIS.

Word Master’s Report – TM MAHINDA.S


Best Speaker Award winner was TM ISTHIAQ RAZIQ.

Best Evaluator TM PERIMEL.

Best Table Topics MTM.Melita J D’ Souza

The meeting concluded sharp at 10:00 PM.

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