Lagoon Meeting #297


The 297th meeting and also the First Meeting of the current term, under new Excom was held on the 1st of July 2013. ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) conducted by TM M.K Rajan.

As usual SAA TM Sudhakaran, called the meeting to order and announced the TMI  mission. He started the proceedings with a vibrant clapping exercise, where the members enjoyed and a positive energy was build up.

The Presidential address was given by MTM Raham Sithara. In her address she unfolded the future plan for the year 2013-2014. She advised the members to be enthusiastic and take part in the club activities regularly, so that every individuals and club  success is achieved, with this powerful message she handed over the podium to TMOD Moh’d. Rafi.

TMOD message ‘Service to Humanity’ with ZEAL was put across the meeting. The Zeal (theme) to laughter was the highlight of the day, where every member participated in laughter therapy and laughed to their best.

We had 4 guests present on the day.

The word of the day “affable” meaning “approachable” was introduced by TM Biswaranjan Samal. The word was used for 17 times during the meeting.

An Innovative Round Robbin Session was held where all the members participated.

There were 4 project speeches.

TM ALI Dawood delivered his Project 1, Ice breaking speech. The title of the speech was “Struggles of Life”. The speech was evaluated by MTM Ayesha Naseem.

TM Kaliappan also delivered his Project 1, Ice breaking speech; The title of the speech was; “Journey from paddy field to desert”. He  narrated his life experience with conviction. The speech was evaluated by TM Sajid Koroth.

TM Ajayakumar delivered his Project 4  speech; The title of the speech was “perception”. The message was difference between  people who fail  and people who succeed is not what they have, but what they choose to see. The speech was evaluated by TM Sujoy.

TM Ajaya Babu delivered his Project 6 speech. The title of the speech was “shocking and shivering”. The speech was evaluated by TM Balakrishnan Nambiar.

A very energetic and highly informative educational session on the ‘ Secrets of Mentoring’ was conducted by Dr. Vijay Kumar Balan.

TM Abdul Ravoof  conducted a regular Table Topic session in which 1 guest and 2 members took part.

General Evaluation was done by TM Santhosh Ramachandran.

The silent role players were

Timer – TM Rahim Uddin Qureshi

Ah Counter – MTM Sahiera

Word Master – TM Biswa Ranjan Samal

Greet Master – TM Zahid

Web Master – TM Abdul Ravoof

Live Webcasting is back in action, courtesy TM Abdul Ravoof, which was duly acknowledge by the President and other members present.

President made few Important Announcements and declared the meeting closed.


Best Speaker – TM Ali Dawood

Best Evaluator – MTM Ayesha Naseem

Best Table Topics – MTM Emy Oommen


  1. Sajid Koroth
    sajid koroth says:

    Dear Sudakaran,

    appreciate spell my name as Sajid Koroth i/o existing.

    sajid koroth

    • sudhakaran says:

      Dear Mr. Sajid koroth,

      Noted my mistake.I will correct it as spelled as above.

      If you don’t mind add one “h” after d for my name also.



  2. Santhosh.kumar
    santhosh says:

    Good start. Your challenge is to record everything in around 700 words. for example you said President announced some important aspects and closed the meeting. Instead of generalising tell us what the President has said in her closing address in very brief. Same thing applicable for Gen Evaluation as well. This is an opportunity capitalise on it.

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