Lagoon Meeting #281


Lagoon’s 281th meeting was held on the 05nd of November, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) conducted by TM Rafi

Meeting opening was done by TM Sudhakaran and he announced club mission.

The Presidential address was given by TM Santhosh Kumar, he shared his experience on his Oman trip and agreed that “Housewife’s are good at organizing holiday trips” and handed over the podium to TMOD, TM Sajid Koroth.

TM Sajid Spoke about “How to be happy at work place”. He gave 3 tips on how to remain happy always. The theme of the day was,

“How to be happy at work place”

We had 4 guests who introduced themselves.

The word of the day “Felicity” meaning “Intense happiness or Cause of happiness” was introduced by MTM Nifiya Sadwani.

There were 5 prepared speeches,

MTM Emy Oommen attempted her Ice breaking speech…She spoke about her and her family and shared many important incidents of her life. The speech was evaluated by TM Ashraf.

TM Ravi Thankappan delivered his project 2 speech, he spoke about power of integrity. His dhow cruise experience was interesting. The speech was evaluated by TM Sudhakaran.

TM Nataraj delivered his project 7 speech, he spoke about human brain and capacity of neurons. The speech was evaluated by TM Santhosh Kumar.

TM Balakrishna Nambiar delivered his project 8 speech, he spoke about PH value of human body and gave many tips to maintain a healthy PH value. The speech was evaluated by TM Mohammed Rashid.

TM Praveen delivered project ACB-1 speech, he gave a technical presentation on “Tablets”. The speech was fully packed with many useful information on tablets. The speech was evaluated by TM MK Rajan.

TM Muraleedharan – Released first quarter magazine of Lagoon’s toastmaster club.

Table Topic was done by TM Bishwarajan in which 2 guest and 2 members participated.

General Evaluator was done by TM Dr. Vijay Kumar.

The silent role players were

Timer – TM Bilal

Ah Counter — TM Vikram

The Shoot Master —TM Muraleedharan Punnamann

Word Master’s Report — MTM Nifiya Sadwani

Best Speaker Award winner was MTM Emy Oommen

Best Evaluator TM Santhosh Kumar

Best Table Topics TM Vikram

The meeting concluded sharp at 10:00 PM.

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