Lagoon Meeting #280


Lagoon’s 280th meeting was held on the 22nd of October, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) by TM Balakrishnan Nambiar

Meeting opening was done by TM Sudhakaran and he announced club mission.

The Presidential address was done by TM Santhosh Kumar, he spoke about the celebration of Toastmaster’s 88th Birthday and handed over the podium to TMOD, TM M.K Rajan.

TM Rajan took us through the journey of Toastmasters, he gave many information such as,

  • On 22nd October, 1924, Dr. Ralph C. Smedley along with few members formed Toastemaster’s first club at Santa Ana, California, U.S.A.
  • By the time of 1930, there were 30 toastmaster clubs,
  • As of today, there are more that 2,80,000 members and over 13,500 clubs in 116 counties.
  • He also spoke about Toastmaster international curriculum, tracks, awards and about the positions of the organization.

The theme of the day was,

“Birthday” celebration of Toastmasters 88th Birthday.

We had 4 guests who introduced themselves.

The word of the day “Jovial ” meaning “Joyful or a spirit of good-fellowship”  was introduced by MTM Emy Oommen. The word was used for 6 times during the meeting.

There were 3 prepared speeches,

TM Jagdish Rao attempted his Project 5 speech…He spoke about Natural resources and gave a message to save them for next generation. The speech was evaluated by TM Naveen Sadwani.

MTM Raseetha Praveen delivered her project 8 speech, she spoke about aging and health. She gave many tips on anti aging with the support of visual aids…. Speech was evaluated by TM Rafi.

TM Mohammed Rashid delivered his project speech – ACB4…. His speech was heart touching, he spoke about Malala Yousufzai and Iqbal Masih who fought against child labor. The speech was evaluated by MTM Sunitha Nair.

DTM Balaji started the Educational session with the quote “Little drop of water makes a mighty ocean”, he praised Lagoon’s for celebrating Toastmasters 88th birthday. He also spoke about the DTAC championship competition which will be taking place in Dubai on 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2013.

Table Topic was done our MTM Jessie D’Souza in which 1 guest and 2 members participated.

General Evaluator was done by TM Praveen Kumar.

The silent role players were

Timer – TM J S Rao

Ah Counter — TM Ashraf

The Shoot Master —TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna

Joke Master — TM Ajay Babu.

Word Master’s Report — MTM Emy Oommen

Best Speaker Award winner was MTM Raseetha Praveen

Best Evaluator MTM Sunitha Nair & TM Rafi

Best Table Topics TM Narashiman and Sithara

The meeting concluded at 10:10 PM.

Photos courtesy Muraleedharan
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  1. Good job Murali and Ravoof.

  2. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    Dear Lagoonites,

    Santhosh – Jessi – Raghu trio – congratulations.

    You have raised the flag of Lagoon on the everest of Division J. – Runners up due to casting vote – it is equal to first prize.

    The flash of your debating sparks has blinded many of the competitors – it is a warning to them to raise the bar of their debating prowess – In future they have to sweat a lot to raise the bar to Lagoon’s enduring height !!

    Our victory is a warning to us also – not to swell , but to grow – from better to best, from best to excellence.

    Look – who is one of the prominent motivating torchbearers of Lagoon club ? none other than our VP Education – MTM Sithara.

    I treat this victory as her triumph also.

    Balakrishnan Nambiar

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