Lagoon Meeting #273


Lagoon’s 273th meeting was held on the 16Th July  2012, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) by our VP education  MTM Sithara.

The opening was done TM George Jacob with who authentically announced the club mission and called the meeting to order after  taking all of us to Expedition 32 the space exploration.  The presidential address was done by our president TM Santhosh Kumar, decorated  the truth “failure as stepping stone of Success ”  with ample examples and introduced the energetic Toastmaster of the Meeting, TM Mohammed Rashid

TM Mohammed Rashid on his  role as MC presented the  theme of the day: “Gastronomy” On his opening message inspired all about good exotic food, variety of foods in UAE, who done three toasts on his favorite foods, which was followed  the introduction of  four  Guests.

The word of the day was introduced by TM Prabhakar Glutton meaning, a very greedy eater, a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously, a person who is very eager for something difficult or challenging and the word was used  20 times during the meeting.

The warm up Round Robin session was very interesting in which all were participated  with views of once tasty food.

There were 3 prepared speeches.

P8 project by  MTM Wafa Al Nakhi on Revenge”, 2nd Project speech  was – ACB1 “ – The Alternative”   by TM Chandrasekhar  and  3th  Project speech – ACG1      TM  Loy Machedo

The Table Topics session was conducted by  TM Tom Dasan  which 2 members and 2 guests participated.

General Evaluator was  TM Biswaranjan, who introduced other evaluators namely Evaluating by   MTM Wafa Al Nakhi  by TM Mathew P Mathews ; Evaluating   TM Chandrasekhar  by TM  Moh’d Rafi and  Evaluating TM  Loy Machedo  by  TM Dr Balan Vijay Kumar

The silent role players were TM Ravi Thankappan – Timer. Photo Master : TM Prabhakar Grammarian : TM Kader Meeran  and Ah Counter  :  Ajaya Babu.

Best speaker Award– MTM Wafa Al Nakhi

Best Evaluator Award – TM Dr Balan Vijay Kumar

Best Table Topic speaker Award – MTM  Raham Sithra

Meeting concluded at 10 PM

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