Lagoon Meeting #271


Lagoon’s 271st meeting was held on the 19h  June   2012, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) by TM Anirudh.

Meeting opening was done by SAA , TM Sudhakaran who announced club mission  and called the meeting. The presidential address was done by our president TM Chandrashekhar Rao who elected as area Governor mentioned about Lagooon’s DCP points. He handed over the podium to the TMOD, MTM Sithara who explained on detect our priorities & it choices will lead our goal,  there by made the theme of the meeting


There were 4 guests who introduced themselves.

The  word of the Day “EXPEDIENT meaning suitable for purpose, conducive to advantage or interest, noun form is expediency, was introduced by TM Balakrishnan Nambiar and was used for 10 times during the meeting.

The Round Robin Session was attended by all present on life priorities.

There were 2 prepared speeches.

Speech Sp. 1 – ACS 10 “Starting a Business” by TM MK Rajan , TM Mohd Raffi  & MTM Sithara.

 Evaluated by MTM Sunitha Nair, TM Reghunath Nair & TM Mathew P Mathews.

Sp. 2 – ACG 9 “Parking meter common illness and treatments” by TM Dr Balan Vijayakumar and   Evaluated by MTM Jessie D’Souza.

General Evaluation done by DTAC Champion  TM Loy A. Machedo.

The silent role players were TM Kader – Timer,  Ah Counter TM Prabhakar , Grammarian TM Narasimham, The Shoot Master – TM George Jacob. Fine Timer – TM Mohd Rashid, Greet Master TM Nataraj. Joke Master TM Tom Dasan.

The Best Evaluator was MTM Jessie D’Souza.

The Best Speaker was TM Dr Balan Vijayakumar.

The meeting concluded at 10.00 PM.


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