Lagoon Meeting #268


Lagoon’s 268th meeting was held on the 9th April 2012, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) by TM Bishwaranjan.

Meeting opening was done by TM Jagadish Rao who announced club mission with warm up exercises and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by TM Chandrashekhar Rao who mentioned the his life perception on spreading roamers. He handed over the podium to the TMOD, TM Sajid Koroth who explained Leaders are made, thereby made the theme of the meeting.

“Power of BRANDING”

There were 5 guests who introduced themselves.

The  word of the Day “Acumen” meaning ability to quickly and accurately understanding situation, introduced by TM Naveen Kumar Sadwani and was used for 2 times during the meeting.

The Round Robin Session was attended by all on Personal Branding qualities.

There were 3 prepared speeches.

P1 Speech

MTM Nifiya Sadhwani with title “My story”  Evaluated by TM George Jacob

P9 Speech

TM Mathew Philip Mathews with title  “How happy you are?Evaluated by TM Mohammed Rashid


TM Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar with titleSpeaking Under FireEvaluated by TM Loy Machedo

Special speech  by TM Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar for his contest Winners Speech – My P1 evaluation.

The silent role players were TM Bilal – Timer,  Ah Counter + Grammarian MTM Sunita Nair. The Shoot Master – TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna

Greet Master MTM Sithara.

General Evaluation was done by TM Rakesh Dayal.


Best Speaker Award winner was MTM Nifiya Sadhwani

Normal meeting concluded at 9.30 PM. After which election for next Excom was conducted by TM Rakesh Dayal.

Following office bearers are elected unanimously

President: TM Santhosh Kumar Ramachandran proposed by TM Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar and seconded by  TM Mohd Rafi

Secretary: TM Natraj proposed by TM Ravoof and seconded by MTM Jessie D’Souza

Treasurer: TM Jagadish Rao proposed by TM Chandrashekhar Rao and seconded by TM Reghunath Nair

VP Public Relations: TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna proposed by TM George Jacob and seconded by  TM Mohd Rafie

VP Membership: TM Mohammed Rashid proposed by TM Bilal seconded by TM Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar

VP Education: MTM Raham Sithara proposed by MTM Jessie D’Souza seconded by MTM Sunita Nair

Sergeant-At-Arms: TM Sudhakaran T.K proposed by TM Chandrashekhar Rao and seconded by TM Reghunath Nair

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  1. Being a Mentor to Sajid, it is my duty to point out and recognize him when he achieves excellence.
    Keeping aside the fact that he is a coaching client + mentee
    I am proud to say – Sajid is the best among all my students.

    What most of you do not know is that yesterday he was at my place
    Till nearly 12 in the night practicing.
    And what’s more – he took a whole day off
    Just to ensure he would do justice to the members of the club.
    We practiced back and forth for nearly 4 hours!!!

    I am very proud of my Student, Mentee, Coachee & Friend – Sajid
    And I can assure you this – he will achieve excellence
    As a brand in his personal and professional life.

    So folks….please allow me to present…..

    The 10 things what Sajid did amazingly well!

    What an amazing debute performance!
    1. He was in total control of the whole meeting right from one place.
    2. He coordinated the slides perfectly with the transitions & introductions
    3. He spoke with a natural voice and manner
    4. He kept a watch on the clock and edited on the fly
    5. He was able to control his nervousness & stress
    6. He maintained eye contact with almost everyone throughout the evening
    7. Though he had made a mistake, he skillfully covered the fault without anyone noticing (I noticed :P)
    8. He ensured everyone felt at ease
    9. He ensured back up (his laptop crashed last minute
    10. He not only executed it perfectly – he did it with Class, Candor and Charisma!

    Keep it up Sajid – You are the man!

  2. Special Recognition = Mathew P. Mathew

    I do not know if you know this
    But a few many weeks ago
    Mathew and I kind of didn’t like each other very much.

    He and I had a lot of tension between us.

    He didn’t seem to like me very much
    And I too didn’t seem to like him very much.

    And this escalated during the course when he took on the role of the Presidency
    When I laughed at his so called ‘Presidential Chakra Speech’

    What followed was bitterness between us.

    But following that I extended a hand of friendship in the form of training & development
    So as to become my mentee & student.

    Surprisingly – he accepted it.
    And I can tell you without a doubt – if there is one person
    In the whole group of my students
    Who is an inspiration to me and everyone else
    It would be Mathew P. Mathew.

    Imagine – A person who came from the village
    With no high-fly education
    With no guidance and mentorship in the diction and mannerisms of the English language
    Is today one of the most improved Speakers of the English Language in our club.

    So my friends,
    Allow me to share with you all – so as to inspire you…..

    The 10 things what Mathew P. Mathew did amazingly well!
    Yesterday night, Mathew came to my house at 9:15pm to prepare for his speech. And though he didn’t do well the first four times, he gave me his word he would not give up. Being such a busy person – he achieved absolute excellence in his speech.
    2. Do you know Mathew P. Mathew is horrible at speaking impromptu? Yet, though he knew this fact, he still attempted his project 9 – And wow, he did it brilliantly!
    3. Mathew P. Mathew works from early morning 6am to literally 10pm at times. Even with such a hectic schedule – he delivered his speech and stuck to his commitment.
    4. Mathew’s dress sense has gone from average to elegant & amazing
    5. Mathew’s gestures have improved from random to specific & purposeful.
    6. Mathew’s ability to crack ‘subject-specific’ humor spontaneously is gaining momentum.
    7. Mathew’s ability to give meaningful wisdom filled examples & anecdotes has improved a lot
    8. Mathew’s ability to adapt and adopt new changes in his script and change on the fly has grown considerably
    9. Mathew has shown that age or background or language education is no barrier to becoming a better communicator
    10. Finally – Mathew P. Mathew has shown a lot of improvement at his work place and this is because of his intelligent application of what he does in Toastmasters to what he is able to use in his real life.

    I am very proud of having a client, mentee, student and friend like Mathew P. Mathew.

    And I believe this is just the beginning.

  3. What George Jacob Proved by Evaluating Overtime for 5 minutes 30 seconds.

    George completed an evaluation session and got disqualified.
    He spoke non-stop for around 5 minutes 30 seconds
    When you look at it from one point of view – he should be critically evaluated and criticized for it – Which he was……

    However, let me share this fact with you –
    The 10 things George Jacob did amazing well (in his endless engrossing evaluation)
    1) Considering this was his first evaluation – what amazed me was the number of points he brought up!
    2) It was very clear to me that he was not interested in winning a cup. More than the cup, he wanted to ensure he gave value to the person whom he was evaluating.
    3) When George went overtime – though our webmaster put up his hand, made noise, rang the bell – George didn’t get fazed by it. He focused on doing a good job. Any other speaker would have been lost by that distraction! That to me showed iron-will & courage
    4) George was very considerate not to hurt a 1st time speaker – so he brought about a lot of positives – which showed empathy and maturity as a human being.
    5) What you may not know and what I do know is that George finds it very hard to deliver speeches – but what I saw was he breaking through his limitation for the first time. That to me is achievement.
    6) George had controlled his favorite crutch word – ‘ER’ & ‘AAH’ quite considerably. I know how many times he uses these words. On the lectern – he was able to control them easily.
    7) After the session was over with, George was still his lively, positive self. That was another achievement from his side.
    8) Did I mention to you, George cannot multi-task when it comes to speaking? As an evaluator, he not only had to observe, he had to take down notes, he had to edit what he heard, he had to fill up the CC manual, he also had to prepare to speak and he also had to ensure that he did justice to his role – Is that to be under-estimated?
    9) George knew he was competing against seniors – did he look nervous? Not to me!
    10) Most important point of all – George came in 1 hour earlier to prepare, practice and perfect his speaking skills – All alone in the club. Now how many of us can brag about this?

    So my friends, though being my client, mentee, student and friend, I can tell you without a doubt – he is a person who deserves credit.

    George – I am proud of you my buddy J

  4. Balan Vijaykumar – A long journey towards being a Champion.

    I do not know if you know this
    But Balan Vijaykumar was once upon a time a brand new speaker….and would be believe….once upon a time….my mentee!!!
    Wow…when I think of it….it amazes me to even consider this fact….
    This man whom I today share thoughts, ideas and suggestions on speaking – was once my mentee!

    And from being a mentee – Today he is
    The Undisputed Tall Tales Champion,
    A senior Toastmaster whom all respect and yes,
    The District Finalist for both – The Humorous Speech Contest as well as The Table Topics Contest.

    This email is not me taking credit or recognition for him being my mentee a long, long, long time ago
    Rather it is to bring to light the fact that
    From being a fairly new Speaker
    Who used to shiver with every speech
    Stands in the rare company of being called a ‘Speaking Champion’.

    There are some who are born as good speakers.
    There are some who gain the advantage of becoming good speakers.
    And then there are those who go through the grind of working hard
    For weeks and weeks
    Months and months
    Years and Years
    And then achieve the rare privilege of becoming a Champion Speaker….
    And Balan Vijaykumar is one of them.

    He never gave up.
    He never got discouraged
    He never stopped achieving excellence.

    This is the man whom I believe has taken the long road being a Champion.

    Along with Shurooq, I wish Balan Vijay Kumar – irrespective whichever club he represents
    To know we all wish him well….
    And we are all very proud of his achievement.

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