Lagoon Meeting #266


Lagoon’s 266th meeting  was held on 9th April  2012, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) by TM Prabhakar. 

Gavellier Rahan Kapor, from TKMCE Gavel Club practiced his contest speech “Our Neighbor”.

The meeting opening was done by SAA TM George Jacob who announced club mission and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by club VP Education TM Praveen K N  who highlighted Lagoon’s 2012 to be a DTAC winner and  congratulated our members  who won the area contest held on 6th Friday. He handed over the podium to the TMOD, TM Balakrishnan Nambiar who started with TMI tag line “Where the leaders are made” and presented the theme of the day “Leading Minds”. He put more points on type of leaders like Direct, Non-direct and Institutional leaders.

This was followed the introduction of five guests.

The  word of the Day “FERVOUR” meaning intense & passionate feeling was introduced by TM Rodney Araujo and was used for 14 times during the meeting.

The Round Robin Session was attended by all on Leadership views.

There were 5 prepared speeches.

P4 Speech

TM  Jagdish Rao with title “Opportunities”  Evaluated by TM Sajith Koroth

Two P8 Speeches

TM Mathew P Mathews with title “Branding” Evaluated by MTM Sunita Nair and second P8 by MTM Sithara with title “Don’t waste the waste” evaluated by TM Reghunath Nair.

ACS 8  Speech

TM M K Rajan  done his ACS 8 with title “AC Engineering” Evaluated by TM Rakesh Dayal.

ACG 2 Speech

TM Dr. Balan Vijaykumar done Radio Show with MTM Divya Nair which is ACG 2. was evaluated by TM Santhosh Ramachadran .

The Table Topics session was done MTM  Divya Nair with different topics on leadership.

General Evaluation was done by TM Mohd Rafi

The silent role players were TM Biswaranjan Samal – Timer and Fine Timer – TM Mohd Rashed.


The Best Speaker Award winner was MTM Sithara

The Best Table Topics winner was TM Prabhakar Krishaswamy

The Best Evaluator was TM Santhosh Ramachadran

 Meeting concluded at 10.00 PM.

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  1. Reghunath Nair
    Reghunath says:

    Thank you Lagoon,

    For an excellent meeting. Those who missed it, missed something. For sure.
    Energy filled presidential address from Praveen, has well announced his comeback after a long gap.
    TMOD Balakrishnan Nambiar was just Amazing with his theme, matured style and Meeting Management.
    All project speeches were of much superior quality with Raham Sitara being elected the Best Speaker. Her speech titled “Do not waste the waste“ indeed conveyed an exceptionally good message for all of us to follow and practice.
    We witnessed a new Toast Master, TM Prabhakar putting up a great show in a Table Topic and thus announcing his arrival.
    And when it came to evaluation…. Not an easy task to evaluate an advance level speech considering the speakers experience and expertise. It becomes even more difficult when the speaker is the one with his Champion expertise, Dr. Balan Vijaya Kumar and the project was a radio talk show with no scope for body language, expression or movement to suggest improvement. As true talents does not stay hidden for a long time, TM Santhosh did exceptional well in dissecting the speech and the providing an excellent 360 degree evaluation. No wonder we all chose him as the best evaluator.
    TM Mohd Rafi’s General evaluation and TM Rashid’s Fine timer were other attractions.
    Good meeting in total. We Want More……

  2. Loved the Free Dosa courtesy
    International Speech Winner Natraj
    in celebration of his victory at the Area Contest

    • Reghunath Nair
      Reghunath says:

      True Loy,

      Dosa added some extra spice it to the professionally conducted meeting. Thanks Nattu for that. It was really tasty.

  3. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar says:

    I drove down 400 kms for this wonderful meeting as I knew the efforts put in by Mr. Nambiar. He has been on the job since the day he got the responsibility. All the speakers have put in lot of efforts. Good speakers are backbone for the success of meeting and TMOD plays a major for motivating speakers with the followup.

    Masala dosa added the extra spice for the meeting. Thankyou Nattu.

  4. Great comments. As DG and I am sure Rakesh as AG will be happy because there were two projects close to CC and two AC. I am waiting for the four CC’s and two AC’s plus CL’s to be logged and Lagoon to become President’s Distinguished Club 10 out of 10.

    Balaji Bhushan
    Division J Covernor

    • sekhar
      Chandrasekhar says:

      We need to cc and two ac’ for perfect 10. Suniatha p10 on 23 april, Wafa, P10 on 21 May and Dr Balan acs10 on 7 May and lastly MK Rajan on 21 May will complete the targets.

      Lagoon will be completing their targets on time

  5. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    Keeping the importance of roleplayers apart, we must appreciate the silent toastmasters who remain anonymous during the whole time of the session, smiling, shaking heads, raising hands when asked, keeping wide eyes to the speeches, and go at last unhonourned; no role, no appreciation, no praising, no cup, no congratulations.

    I think we must honour those toastmasters because they are behind our success – without audience, no speakers. We must call them to stand up for ovation (don’t mispronounce – that is another word for entirely another purpose) at the end of the session.

    This will encourage all toastmasters to attend the sessions even if they have no roles.

    I appreciate everyone who encouraged me eventhough I could not deliver my best, due to my half baked preparation.

    Special thanks to the great Ravoof, whithout his effort, these messages could not have been possible.

  6. Kudos to Balakrishnan for the wonderful meeting! He did a splendid job of conducting the meeting. It was smooth and filled with information, with and lots of humour! Hats off!

    Thank you Natraj for the wonderful Masala Dosais! I had 2!! Yummy. Congratulations for winning the International Speech Contest. Please continue and get us the Division Cup also. …and MORE Masala Dosais!!

    Fantastic speeches! Loved the Radio Talk Show! In all a wonderful meeting!

  7. Thanks Balaji for a wonderful evening,though the attendance of members was less,enthusiasm echoed throughout the show,and that is the real success!Informative speeches,role of fine timer added more FERVOR.Last but not the least, courtesy of Winner Nataraj
    was commendable.

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