Lagoon Meeting #263


The Lagoon International & Table Topic Contest was held on the 27th Feb and started on time at 7.00 PM @ RAYAN Hotel Sharjah.

The Contestant briefing & draw of lots was done by the Chief Judge, TM Rakesh Dayal.

Call to Order – TM George Jacob
Master of Ceremonies – MTM Sudha Velugula
Timers – TM Jagdish Rao ,TM Biswa Ranjan
Tally Counters – TM Syed Fazalullah

Table Topic Contest

Contest Chair – TM Rakesh Dayal

The contest participants were:

1. Chandrasekar Rao
2. Anil Kumar
3. Mathew P Mathew
4. Nifiya Sadhwani
5. Muraleedharan
6. Sajid Koroth
7. Balan Vijoy Kumar
8. Jessie D’ Souza
9. Balakrishnan Nambiar
10. Zakir Hussain
11. Mohamed Ashraf
12. Sunita Nair
13. Reghunath Nair
14. Loy Machedo
15. Raham Sitara

Participation Certificates & Photos – TM Rakesh Dayal

There was a refreshing break after the Table Topics session.


International Speech Contest

Contest Chair – MTM Jessie D’Souza

The contest participants were:

1. Balakrishnan Nambiar
2. Dr Balan
3. Loy Machedo
4. Mathew P Mathew
5. Mohd Rafi
6. Natraj
7. Regunath
8. Raham Sitara
9. Wafa Al Nakhi
10. Zakir Hussain

Participation Certificates & Photos – TM Rakesh Dayal

The winners of the contest were as follows.

Table Topics

1. Winner – TM Loy Machedo
2. 1st Runner Up – MTM Jessie D’souza
3. 2nd Runner Up – MTM Sunita Nair

International Speech

1. Winner – TM Loy Machedo
2. 1st Runner Up – TM Natraj
3. 2nd Runner Up – MTM Wafa

All the Winners/Runner Ups will now move on to the next level of competition in the Area.

Wishing them all the very best.

MOM prepared by Mathews & Muraleedharan

Photos – Muraleedharan

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  1. It was truly a very close and entertaining contest!
    I enjoyed every bit of it!
    We have to watch out for those new comers – Man what a performance!

  2. Dear Members,

    I thank each and every member who attended today’s contest as a participant, silent role player and audience. I thoroughly enjoyed today evening witnessing high quality speech by our contestants.

    As per the judges, it was really tough to select the best speaker for each category. This shows the dedication and hardwork of our contestants. Today we had 15 Contestants for Table Topic & 10 Contestants for International Speech.

    Results of today’s contest is as follows:

    Table Topics:

    1. Winner: TM Loy Machedo
    2. 1st Runner Up: MTM Jessie D’souza
    3. 2nd Runner Up: MTM Sunita Nair

    International Speech:

    1. Winner: TM Loy Machedo
    2. 1st Runner Up: TM Natraj
    3. 2nd Runner Up: MTM Wafa

    I congratulate all the participants for contesting today and making it an interesting evening.

    On behalf of the club, I wish the Winners/Runner Ups “All the best” for their journey towards achieving the best speaker award at higher levels (Area/Division/District/ Region/World).

    The Area Contest is scheduled on 6th April 2012 @ Skyline University College, hence I request all members of Lagoon Club to book their calendar for this event.

    I am proud to be a member of Lagoon Toastmasters.

    Warm regards,

    Rakesh Dayal
    Area Governor
    Area:30; Division: J; District: 20

  3. Dear Lagoon members,

    When I first joined lagoon Toastmasters, my only dream was just to be a good speaker and to stand up with confident in front of the audience (that was my maximum goal!) today after joining you and knowing you closer, I came to know a new definition of public speaking and leadership! It is not only about being confident and to speak your words in front of the audience! It is something much bigger than speaking; it is about having champion heart! Every time I join a meeting I learn a new thing from each one of you, and the more I engage and contribute the more I learn. The nearest example I can give here is like Alice in wonderland! Whenever she opens a door she finds a new surprise and whenever I join a meeting and enter the door of lagoon meeting room I feel amazed and astonished with your speeches, inspiration, and soft-bighearted.

    Yesterday you gave me another definition of competition! You made me feel that although I love you; I need to compete you to represent you internationally!(it is a paradox thing!!) It is the first time in my life to feel a real healthy competition! People are friends and loving each other but in the same time they are competing each other!

    Frankly speaking I was hesitant to participate until the last minute! I was calling president Rao the day before and said I might drop out as I was busy the last few months and didn’t have the chance to prepare anything! But he insisted me participating and said let’s give it a try! And I truly came to the contest just to perform nothing else and be there to support you! I couldn’t believe myself when MTM Jessie called my name as a third place winner..!

    One last thing I want to say, that I truly respect each member in lagoon toastmasters! I respect all of you with all what the word means R-E-S-P-E-C-T! I feel that every person in lagoon is unique!,everyone has a talent and something to share, moreover I am learning and growing from each one of you. I feel that lagoon club is a family and I belong to this family. Today, I am visualizing myself reaching to the international level (I am not sure exactly what the color I will be wearing, but I can see myself walking in the stage!), and I will reach the international level by your help and with my tenacity and determination. It is not only about achieving personal success; it is also to be proud to represent Lagoon club.
    I am proud to a member of lagoon,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

    MTM Wafa

  4. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    One of the best meetings of lagoon. All the speakers of the eve were wonderful. The members kept the tradition of participation. Many guests wondered seeing the number of contestants for international speech contest. One judge said it is only in Lagoon it happens like this. As a president I felt proud to be part of lagoon.

    Though the meeting finished at 11 pm, every one stayed up and enjoyed every moment of the meeting. Two days before when I called the ISS contestants, 4 of them planned to withdraw but I insisted that they do and believe me they started preparing and gave their best.

    Once again I say i am proud of lagoon.

  5. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    I thought of withdrawing and Mr. Rao, the President of Lagoon blocked my exit. He was insisting as if he was inviting us for a dinner.

    And his soft persuading power disarms everyone.

    I thought there would draw be a ‘lot’ to decide the winners because all were in neck to neck competion.

    On the lighter side, why limiting the prize for 3 only ? It is an old concept. It could have extend upto 4th runner up so that Mr. Rafi and Mr. Reghunath would have included in the winners list. I voted for Mr. Rafi as first because he was brilliant that day. Judges may be right, still I may not be wrong.

  6. on an even lighter side, why have 2nd 3rd 4th? just declare all as 1st place winners!!

    You all did brilliantly. keep it going folks!

  7. sithara
    sithara says:

    Thats the point,hello Ex com, there is any chance for our Great TM Ravoof can be our next president?
    It was a remarkable meeting,with high competition.
    It proved the uniqueness of each contestant.
    The higher the competition the higher will be the effort each one should put towards it,and everybody paid justice, in my view.
    congrats to the winners, Loy,Jessie,Sunitha,Nataraj,Wafa.
    All the Best to All contestants for your future attempts!

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