Lagoon Meeting #260


M K RajanLagoon’s 260th meeting  was held on the 16th Jan 2012, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session).

Meeting opening was done by SAA TM George Jacob who announced club mission and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by our Award Winning Speaker, TM Chandrasekhara Rao. He handed over the podium to the TMOD, TM Rajan who presented the theme of the day “Experiences”. He gave us insights on experience in general and his personal experience in particular. This was followed the introduction of three guests.

The minutes of the meeting was done by TM Abdul Ravoof. The word of the day, Misocapnist ”, was introduced by TM Bijoy Kumar Roy, which means – 1. A person who hates smoking or the smell of tobacco smoke. 2. A reference to anyone who hates tobacco smoke in any form.

The Round Robin session was very interesting in which all members and guest participated and told about their various experiences.

There were four prepared speeches.

P5 Speech

  • TM Balakrishnan Nambiar : Evaluated by TM Reghunath Nair

P6 Speeches

  • MTM Wafa Al Nakhi : Evaluated by TM Sunita Nair
  • TM Natraj : Evaluated by TM Moh’d. Rafi Humayun


  • TM Dr. Balan Vijaykumar : Evaluated by TM Loy Machedo


  • MTM Jessie D’Souza : Evaluated by TM Santhosh Kumar

General Evaluation was done by TM Naveen Sadhwani.

The Table Topics session was conducted by MTM Sudhakaran in which 4 members and 1 guest participated.

The silent role players were TM Sajid Koroth – Timer, Joke Master – Muraleedharan, Grammarian – MTM Shurooq AlBanna, Ah Counter was MTM Reem Al Suwaidi and Fine Timer – TM Mohamed Rashid.

Best Speaker Award winners were TM Dr. Balan Vijaykumar & MTM Jessie D’Souza. Rafi Humayun won the best evaluation award and the Best Table Topic speaker Award winners were our  Guest Mr Santosh Kumar & our member MTM Raham Sitara.

Meeting concluded at 10.00 PM.

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  1. By far one of the best meetings of the year! Loved it to bits. In fact, the crowning achievement was the word of the day!!! BUWAHAHAHAHAA!!! WAS FUNNY AS HELL!!!

  2. Dear all,

    WOW!!! Simply AMAZING!!

    Today meeting was by far one of the most amazing meetings we have had in almost a year!

    14 points that meeting our meeting SIMPLY AMAZING!!!
    1) TMOD Rajan had circulated the agenda 14 days ago.
    2) Roles were confirmed nearly 14 days ago.
    3) 4 Follow up sessions were done religiously to ensure all members including project speakers were on track with their projects.
    4) We had a full house of 40 guests + members
    5) We had 5 project speakers, 5 evaluators & 5 TT speakers + grammarian + word of the day + quiz timer + timers report + jokes master + 15 second Round Robin + last meetings report + Presidential address – And we still finished ON TIME!!!
    6) All (except one who admitted preparing few hours in advance and who forgot his speech) speakers had practiced, rehearsed and given a mind blowing speech – Great content & amazing delivery!
    7) All role players knew what to do, how to do it and executed their roles perfectly!
    8) All members were called and reminded to come including to invite others!
    9) TMOD Rajan had not only completed the meeting on time, he had not only introduced all the speakers perfectly, he had not only insured everyone got a chance to speak – he also had given a great theme with great fillers & great humor
    10) The Evaluators were Blunt, Brutal and Bold – No white wash!!! and they all had not only contacted the speakers in advance – all of them gave a brilliant evaluation!
    11) We had a great break with absolutely amazing snacks!!!
    12) We even had a time to discuss between ourselves during the meeting on how much we enjoyed ourselves!!!
    13) We even joked about the email during the meeting, laugh about it but most important of all, not take ourselves seriously but see the honest learning in the process.
    14) Almost all our old senior members, veterans & members where not regular also came for the meeting!!!

    So what was the result of this?


    I honestly felt the 3 hours that we spent today was worth every penny!

    Guess what? Because we enjoyed the meeting so much, some of us even went for a nice get together dinner afterwards – because we were so happy with the meeting.


    We make it worth while
    for the other members,
    our guests
    and more importantly

    Today’s meeting was by far one of the best I have attended in the whole year.

    And though I would like to take credit for sending the email and ruffling up your feathers – I would say it is YOU ALL who deserve the credit.

    YOU made it happen for YOU and in turn,
    that made it happen for US.

    One of the best meetings I have had the whole year round!!!

    Thank you Lagoon for such an amazing meeting!


    Dear friends,

    I don’t want to make this a ‘formal’ email. We are all friends. So I will be honest, candid and sincere.

    I honestly LOVED the word of the day.

    Seriously. I did.

    I mean, I honestly have no idea from where in the world Bijoy came with that word – but it sincerely cracked everyone up into smithereens!!! It was like someone farted out laughing gas – the minute he put the word of the day – KABOOOM!!! Everyone was tickled to the bone!!!

    It was seriously funny!

    And to tell you honestly, I am and I sure many are really thankful to Bijoy! I think he did us a great favor!!!

    Seriously Bijoy – THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH and I mean this from the bottom of my heart!!!

    I really glad that he brought an outrageous word of the day.

    In fact to be honest – I don’t even remember what the word of the day was! I just remember the second word being something got to do with ‘bum’ or something like that and I not only liked it – I loved it!!! It was funny!!!

    I think we should not take ourselves so seriously.

    We have difficult time at work where everyone is serious and then our lives itself is so dam serious. Over that you have the recession and the sad news of someone leaving or someone dying. We don’t need to get more serious than we are.

    Lets enjoy, lets have fun and please let us laugh.

    I don’t care what anyone says but I will continue laughing, having fun and make others laugh because this is what makes us enjoy the meetings so much.

    Bijoy my man – we love you, we respect you and we really enjoyed your word of the day. Please do not feel bad – some of us (me and my wife Ravoof) are slightly mad – so don’t mind us :)

    Please, don’t feel bad – but honestly that was a funny word of the day I will never remember – nor forget!!!!


  4. Dear TM Loy,

    When I came to Lagoon yesterday, I could see TM Loy in boisterous (I mean only ‘noisily jolly) mood unlike in erstwhile meetings. I looked out of the window of Ryan hotel, it was not full moon, it was waning moon.(in case, just to confirm otherwise). All others were equally effervescent, then I remembered the axiom ” When you are with a lion, you will be half lion” – Mr. Loy, please keep your bubbles of enthusiasim intact in the coming meetings.

    A true leader is he who communicates well with both ends of the Bell Curve. To catch only the better end of the stick will trap a prospective leader in reverse gear.

    As you said, yesterday’s meeting was outstanding. My speech evaluator TM Reghunath amazed with his leadership qualities – he gave me options how I should be evaluated even at the prospect of his losing the ‘best evaluator’ cup. I was amused when he asked whether I should be catapulted to the level of great orators or to be shot in the forehead point blank or limited to cane charges on my buttocks – I preferred cane charges – thank you Reghunath – you have the blessings of the bygone masters (guruthwam).

    Yesterday Dr. balan did not look like a matured doctor, instead he impressed all with his vibrancy of his university days. Normally all doctors keep some kind of heaviness in their head in thinking and in manners. Yesterday he disrobed himself of his doctor’s outfit and what an entertaining speech he presented !!.

    MTM Jessy was as assertive as in Hitler’s speech, what an explosive energy she diffused !!. It was first time I saw her in such ctirical mass and her speech enthralled us.

    I don’t want to congratulate TMOD M.K. Rajan as he is already breathless after being covered with heaps of congratulatory garlands.

    If God asks me one boon, I would ask the talent of MTM Wafa’s story telling histrionics.

    As Mr. Loy said, we hope Lagoon will have such myriad (all Malayalees and Tamilians, please pronounce this world correctly) of scintillating meetings.

    Balakrishnan Nambiar

  5. Many thanks for all role players and attendees who made it big. B/Rgds M.K.Rajan

  6. Thank you all for making it happen! :)

  7. Dear Members,

    Thanks for the appreciating mails of yesterday meeting.

    Every thing went on well except for the giggling by some members when word was being introduced by word master.

    It was too embarrassing for the word master.

    I request senior toastmasters to abstain from such incidents and encourage new members to perform.

    I personally felt TM Bijoy did an excellent job as word master as the word was new and carried a great meaning.

    Chandrasekhar Rao

  8. Dear President,

    As far as I understood the giggling was a kind of appreciation because no one heard the word before and everybody laughed at the prospect of their failure to use that word in round robin or other speeches. As Mr. Loy said, it was positive giggling, may be Mr. Bijoy misinterpreted the response. Mr. Biloy is new, he is in the learning process that there are no negatives in toastmasters – everything is positive.

    Good vocabulary practice is essential for effective communication. The principle of introducing word of the day is to increase our vocabulary. The word could be a :

    – a new word (most unused but with practical meaning for day to day use) that could be used in our speeches
    – a familiar word, but most use it inapproriately.

    It is not that we want to learn a word that has no practical application in toastmasters enviornment. I urge VP Education to make sure that the word of the day is not :

    – repeated within the year atleast
    – it is not repulsively negative word
    – it is not the word that is mainly used in professional circles.

    Misocapnist is a fascinating word, but with little practical use. There are hundreds of words starting with miso (means hate) and many many phobia words that are rarely or not at all used in our daily business. Even if someone chooses a word he thinks very important, we must appreciate by applause either by hand or by vocal chords.

    Dont allow me to use any of the words used in the following sentence as word of the day.

    Adipescent of the chironomy is what felliflous zymurgy. Bobacious and sciopticon cannot be urticatingly contabescent. Uxoricide of the idiograph is immiscible. If I am buccinatory about the above sentence I will become edentate and epitaxis by the toastmasters, leading to my atimy.

    Nom Chomsky, the great living linguist gave example about misuse of words : “Colourlful green ideas sleep furiously”

    The above is my opinion only in response to our President’s email.

    Balakrishnan Nambiar

  9. Nambiar,

    By far this is one the best emails I have read in a very very long time.

    It is worth framing this email and re-reading it again and again.

    Loy Machedo

  10. I can see Balakrishnan started doing a “Sailesh” act. A round of applause for that…While Sailesh was Lagoon’s “wordsmith” (Sunita’s words) what title we confer on Bala?

    Santhosh Ramachandran

  11. I agree with you Loy, great email worth framing it.

    I am sure Bijoy must be very happy with both mails.


    Please take a note of suggestion given by Mr Nambiar.

    Chandrasekhar Rao

  12. Dear Mr. Loy,

    When Classius Clay (later Muhammed Ali) declared himself as “greatest”, the world were sceptical. He proved it and the whole world shook their heads saying ” ya ya, it is true”.

    Mr. Loy, who crowned himself as ‘The World’s Greatest Student of Public Speaking’ could not be otherwise.

    Thank you for your great mind, such minds are not seen much around.

    Balakrishnan Nambiar

    • Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

      Mr. Nambiar, you are careless in writing comments and emails – using bombastic words and poetic sentences are o.k. but please take care when writing names of individuals.

      It is not Classius Clay, but Cassius Marcellus Clay. There is no excuse for writing names wrongly – can I write your name Blah Blah Numb-yar ?

      Balakrishnan Nambiar

  13. Dear Santhosh,

    Can you please keep that crown with yourself for a while, we will find some head perfectly fitting your wonderful wordsmith crown.

    Anyhow, thumps up for your expansive mind.

    Balakrishnan Nambiar

  14. Dear Nambiar / Lagoon Members,

    After Nambiar’s speech, I went to the gym the following day to experiment with the research he had presented us. And to my surprise, I was able to work out longer and more effectively.

    It is these kinds of speeches that add value and quality – and this is what I meant by content based speeches.

    They myth about ‘senior’ toastmasters and junior toastmasters is all but a excuse in peoples head to give bad speeches.

    Nambiar is not a born speaker.
    He is not a gifted speaker.
    He is not flawless in his presentation.
    But he presented us with old information presented in a very interested and refreshing manner – and yes, the brilliance, in presenting new material.

    My question to all of you is this:
    Nambiar had the same internet facilities all of you had.
    Nambiar had also only 14 days X 24 hours to prepare like all of you had.
    Nambiar had the same access to information we all had.

    How was it that Nambiar gave such an amazing speech?
    I don’t think his body language was world class.
    I don’t think his vocal variety was award winning.
    I don’t think he wants to be a professional speaker.

    So though being a junior toastmaster
    Though being a man not educated in high class or high profile English schools
    Though not being a man of any exceptional skill
    So how did he manage to give such a great speech?

    I leave it to your imagination to fill in the blanks.

    So the next time you come up with a justifiable and brilliant excuse for a very bad speech – Please remember Nambiar.
    A Man who is nearly 50+ (Must be 60, I don’t know),
    who is a brand new toastmaster
    who does not want to be a professional speaker
    but who is giving us speeches of great content.

    My respect and admiration goes out to Nambiar.

    Loy Machedo

  15. Dear Mr. Loy,

    Apologies to Lagoonites for flooding your email box with our boxing in the air between Mr. Loy and me.

    After reading Mr. Loy’s email, my adrenalin flowed, I jumped on an imaginary stage to counter each and every apparently degrading statement about my profile.

    I started :

    My age is only 57 (18 January1955) – (sadly I did not receive any birthday greetings – I made my email box empty – in case – to avoid overflowing – ha ha – what a way to start a new year – it is really funny – I enjoyed it.)

    Then I went through line by line of Loy’s email, (first line I found – ya, it is correct. Next line, ya, that is also correct – arey yar all are correct – miserably failed to counter any of his statements, I bowed out of the stage and exited the arena.

    Only sad thing about Mr. Loy’s email is, I was largely depending on people’s falsely perceived grand impressions – that is gone.

    Now I am a philosopher – I am what I am – so what? Take it or leave it. My lifelong wish was that I would not speak on a stage and Toastmasters Int’l spoiled that .

    Thank you Mr.Loy for purifying me with your fire of evaluation.

    Balakrishnan Nambiar

  16. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar says:


    As usual a great job. When i got into excom in 2010 as vp education, first few meetings were dull and as time progressed meetings became interesting. We had the best meeting in March 2010.

    This year I see similar trend. The quality of meetings started improving. I am looking forward for the next meeting when 12 speakers confirmed their participation. Under TMOD Zakir hussain the meeting preparation is in full swing. We have ice breaker to acs7 speeches 12 members confirmed.

    The only challenge is webcasting, with out you it is a tough job.

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