Lagoon Meeting #259


Shurooq AlBannaThe Lagoon  Meeting #259 was held on the 2nd Jan  2012 and started  on time at 7.30 PM @ RAYAN Hotel Sharjah.

The opening was done by dedicated Web Master , TM Abdul Ravoof who authentically announced  club mission and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by TM Moh’d. Rafi Humayun, highlighted the importance of prepared and energetic Toastmasters meetings  as a new year resolution.

Our new member  MTM Shurooq AlBanna  was  TMoD, on her role as  MC presented the  theme of the day: “A Legend”  on her  opening message inspired life histories of Legends and reminiscences of great warriors, which was followed  the introduction of  three  Guests.

The word of the day was introduced by TM Mathew P Mathews ARDENT meaning, characterized by intense emotion, strong enthusiasm; passionate; dedicated and the word was used 10 times during the meeting.

The warm up Round Robin session was very interesting in which all participated to define “Torture”.

There were 3 prepared speeches

P3 project by  TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna,  on Change our attitude”   &  two P4 by TM Zakir Hussain   on  “Body Mechanics  &   TM Sajith Kroth  on  “Real-life Heroes”

General Evaluator was our Father of Lagoon  TM  M K Rajan, who introduced other evaluators namely Evaluating TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna was MTM Raham Sithara; Evaluating TM Zakhir Hussain was TM Balakrishnan Nambiar  and  Evaluating TM Sajith Kroth  was  TM Mohammed Rashid .

The Table Topics session was conducted by  veteran TM Loy Machedo in which 5 members and 1 guest  participated.

The silent role players were TM Nataraj – Timer, Photo Master: TM Abdul Ravoof, Grammarian: TM Narasimham, Ah Counter:  TM Ashraf and  Joke Master TM Zakir Hussain.

Best speaker Award – TM Zakhir Hussain.

Best Evaluator Award – TM Mohammed Rashid.

Best Table Topic speaker Award – Dr Balan Vijay Kumar

Meeting concluded at 9.45 PM

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  1. My summary of Shurooq’s debut as a TMOD

    Sometimes in our shortcomings we fail to notice and pay tribute to those who have trod the road travelled.

    Today was one such reminder.

    Whilst we didn’t fully understand the complexities of what Shurooq presented to us, it does not mean we discount her contributions to a meeting that was pixilated with brilliance.

    Let me present my views with brevity.

    What she did brilliantly:
    1)Single concept / theme carried through out the meeting
    2)The devil is in the details – she addressed and introduced everyone in sync with the theme
    3)Accessories that added value to her theme – the ‘gong’
    4)Research – She stated the stories with the dates and incidents
    5)Chronological sequencing – She started the meeting with the beginning & ended it with the death and urban legend of the character in her story
    6)Every speaker was introduced with equal importance
    7)She handled the ‘hot-spot’ in a controlled fashion, leaving it only when the next role player came on board
    8)She showed grace under pressure – even though it was her first meeting
    9)She was dressed beautifully for the meeting
    10)She even had her sister plan and prepare for the meeting – which showed her commitment to ensuring the meeting was a success.

    Where the diamond was rough:
    1)Invisible role players were not introduced and recognized before the meeting
    2)There was a communication gap as the role players didn’t perform their role to the ‘T’ – Timer didn’t know what time to keep or maintain, Word of the day gave a wrong count, No one checked with me if I was ready or not, Ah counter didn’t specify accurately how did how many ‘Ahs’ – something that should be done by the TMOD
    3)The TMOD showed stress and pressure on her face – instead of showing us her usual charming smile and peacefulness – something that can be worked on with time
    4)The TMOD seemed stiff in terms of her body language owing to the fact of the ‘paper’ in her hand and yes, the concern of getting the show coordinated properly
    5)The TMOD could have advertized about the special dinner that she had prepared for us – which was not announced and not recognized by anyone – Not even a thank you was said afterwards (apart from a few gentlemen – guess what – even I forgot to thank her!)
    6)The photographs of the characters she stated, were placed on a clip chart board which were not at all visible to most people around the meeting.
    7)The language used, historical significance and the concept in itself was foreign to the target audience. Hence, where the theme was brilliant, it lacked connectivity
    8)The impact of power point could have been used brilliantly to enhance the visual & auditory experience of the whole meeting
    9)The focus was more towards having a pre-planned, pre-texted script delivered flawlessly rather than ensuring that the audience was with the host – Perfection should never be the focus.
    10)The energy levels towards the end of the session had a all time low – due to the adrenaline dump that was initially spiked at the beginning of the meeting.

    How can the diamond glow brighter the next time?
    1)Market your event in advance and communicate excitement to ensure a great attendance and yes, a eagerness to want to come
    2)Study videos of other events, shows, programs or functions. See what paid professionals do differently and stunningly. Incorporate and Customize this to your audience
    3)Remember – audience is king. Ensure that you connect to the audience with the 3’S’ – Simplicity, Stories and Self effacing humor.
    4)Ensure that your video performance is studied and evaluated to find areas of improvement.
    5)Be proud of the areas of achievement and be aggressive that you have found areas to change and become better
    6)Follow the logic – Those who like well cooked food may not appreciate sushi – though it is extravagantly more expensive than simple food just as serving spicy Indian food to Italians who never have eaten even a molecule of pepper may have disastrous results. Give your audience the performance cuisine that suits their delight.
    7)Allow your assistants (in this case your sister) the liberty to come forward and use the stage so as to execute her part with presence
    8)Interact with your role players, involve them and ask them to give their input so that it is a team effort in the end
    9)The quality of your session is highlighted by the speeches which are delivered. Ensure you have your speakers prepared and ready for action. Motivate them, speak to them and help them help you make your event a success
    10)Remember – Dubai was not built in day. So your climb to create Burj Khalifa will take more or less the same time.

    Shurooq, you did us proud. Now stop beating yourself up and show us something better.

  2. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Hi Shurooq ,
    Congrats. your hard work and dedication reflected in the content and flow of the meeting.
    Last few meeting the attendance and energy level is very low in lagoon meetings.

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