Lagoon Meeting #255


Mohamed RafiLagoon’s 255th meeting  was held on the 14th  Nov 2011, after the ALTTS ( Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) conducted by TM Reghunath Nair

Meeting opening was done by SAA TM George Jacob who emphasized the day’s history significance, announced club mission and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by our Award Winning Speaker, TM Loy Machedo, with a message of “Push our limits and  get out of everyone comfort zone”. He handed over the podium to TMOD, TM Mohamed Rafi who presented the theme of the day “Celebrations” His opening message was to Enjoy & celebrate every single moment of life as if a child. This was followed the introduction of three guests.

The word of the day, Conundrum”, was introduced by MTM Shurooq Al Banna, which means – A confusing and difficult problem or question.meaning difficult problem, challenge , etc and this was used 26 times during the meeting.

The Round Robin session, on our child life personal experience, was very interesting in which all members and guest participated.

There were four prepared speeches.

P4 Speeches

  • TM Sagar Tamang – Experience with TedEx : Evaluated by MTM Raseetha Praveen
  • TM Nataraj – Power of Words : Evaluated by TM Reghunath Nair

P3 Speech

  • TM Balakrishnan Nambiar – Criticism is futile : Evaluated by MTM Sunita Nair

P9 Speech

  • TM Praveen K N – Ways to get Rich : Evaluated by TM Mohd Rashid

General Evaluation was done by TM Loy Machedo.

The Table Topics session was conducted by MTM Raham Sithara in which 4 members and 1 guest participated.

The silent role players were TM Ravoof – Timer, Joke Masters – MTM Sharooq Al Banna & MTM Reem, Grammarian – TM Syed Fazlullah, Ah Counter was TM Rohit and Fine Timer – TM Biswaranjan.

Best Speaker Award winner was TM Nataraj and the Best Table Topic speaker Award winner was our  Guest Mrs Ranjitha.

Meeting was concluded at 10.00 PM.

MOM by Mathews


 Highlights of the meeting. (by Ravoof)

It was supposed to be a casual dress meeting, but it was not followed by anyone except by the TMOD and his dear wife! Surely there must have been a communication gap somewhere. Most came directly from office.

There was a very exciting session by Loy before the meeting for people to Network. Even though it was just for 10 minutes, everyone seemed to enjoy it and they actually did get to know more about others. I guess time was not sufficient and the meeting had to start. Loy has promised something similar for members if it could be organised. It sure would help a lot of people.

The Table Topics session was very innovative by Sitara. The meetings was full of balloons and decorations in tune for the UAE National Day. We never suspected anything and we thought she had forgotten to bring her topics! She then calls the first speaker. To everyone’s surprise she gives a pin to him and asks him to poke a balloon from a choice of six… and voila there pops a question from the pricked balloon!! Very innovative. Good on Sitara.

After the meeting we had HOT Vadas courtesy the TMOD Mohamed Rafi! It was yummy and insufficient! Just kidding on the insufficient part. Thank you for taking the extra step. As the saying goes, the path to the hearth is through the mouth. So just keep feeding us and we will love you even more! haha

Finally we had an EXCOM meeting with all members present. The problem of the speakers not getting awards if there are 2 speakers only got solved. Will post the EXCOM summary when it comes.

Photos taken by Muraleedharan

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  1. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraledharan Punnamanna says:

    My comments on the meeting:-

    1. No of attendence was very low. MOM should include the number of people attended so that we will have an idea about the number of active members attending the meeting against the actual numbers.
    2. Loy’s small training session was very good. thanks for the tips Loy.
    3. All speakers had a message. Sagar , Natraj, Balakrishnan and Praveen………. Well done. We know all these things but when some body say it again it make a difference. We need this type of reminders.
    4. During the business meeting praveen was saying we have problems that we don’t have enough speakers. Why are we doing our next meeting as a speakathon ?.
    5. The business meeting was totally noisy and all were behaving like a child…… may be due to the theme of the meeting.
    6. What I felt is that excom is giving too much wait in achieving their objective. Achieving objective is very good but we should also consider the interest of individual members.

  2. George Jacob
    George Jacob says:

    TM Rafi,
    You really brought the celeberative ambience in the meeting, through decoration and your’s & MTM Sithara’s dress code.
    Your style of introducing the role players and commentery after the projects speakers were excellent. You have managed the entire meeting without any notes/script showes you are a talented leader.
    I admire your passionate calls to role players.I have learned many things from you Sir.

    Hats off Rafi !

    Offcourse HOT VADA was very delicious!!!!

    George jacob

  3. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar Rao says:

    I called sitara at 5:00 pm and found that she was already in the venue. This shows their commitment for the toastmasters. Sitara, idea of table topics was incredible.

    Rafi, you have done a fabulous job also.

  4. Meeting Takeaways,

    1. Conundrum
    2. Philanthropy – Maria & Tedx
    3. Use positive words and phrases; “challenge” instead of “problem”
    4. Vertical existence
    5. Avoid get rich schemes
    6. Vadas

    Looking forward for the next meeting!

  5. Let us celebrate each festival just like a kid, not in a monotonous way, that was the concept of the meeting.I didn’t expect such polite,convent kids with ties and suites from ourLagoon(the one who comes in the casual dress for all meetings also tried to be in the formal dress)any way it was a nice meeting even with our serious kids!

  6. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    TM Mohd Rafi, Mr. Perfect in Toastmasters clothing did an excellent job as TMOD.I could not find more committed toastmaster than him that is why sometimes he gets serious whenever something goes awry. I like TM Rashid’s comment because we have to take always something from each session. MTM Sitara is a very sharp observer when she says ” the one who comes in the casual dress for all meetings also tried to be in the formal dress”. Balloon busting table topics was new to everyone which will make everyone to introduce new concepts.

  7. Abdul Malik says:


    Can someone guide me to join a toastmaster club in Sharjah, I really don’t know where to contact.

    Abdul Malik

  8. By far one the best meetings I have attended in a long time.

    1) The husband and the wife both were totally involved in making the meeting happen.
    2) The snacks were totally out of the world – Loved the Indian Cuisine.
    3)Our evaluators did an amazing job of giving great feedback and rather creatively.

    Low points of the meeting
    1) There are key areas of differences that need to be ironed out – especially in the management of the club.
    2) The overall participation of the other members into the theme of the club was not at all present – It was a cartoon theme and no one was dressed up in that manner
    3) Energy levels and Networking are two areas we need to improve upon.

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