Lagoon Meeting #254


Balakrishnan NambiarThe 254th meeting of  Lagoon  was held on the 24th  Oct 2011, after the ALTTS (Additional Lagoon Table Topics Session) conducted enthusiastically  by TM Mohd Rafi.

Meeting opening was done by SAA TM George Jacob who  emphasized the day’s  history significance,  announced club mission and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by our past president TM  Dr Balan Vijay Kumar, with a message of “take simple things in life looking deeper”and invited the newly joined three members . He handed over the podium to TMOD TM Balakrishnan Nambiar who presented the theme of the day “Challenge & Response” on his opening message inspired with Edmund Hillary’s life story and other quotes which were followed the introduction of Guests.

The word of the day was introduced by newly joined TM Hind Yousif Sahoo “DEMUR”, meaning, to express doubts, protest.

The Round Robin session on personal experience on Challenge & Response was very interesting in which all non role members and guests participated.

There were 3 prepared speeches.

P3 by  TM Valerine Perreria titled “Attitude”

P3  by TM Zakir Hussain titled “Laughter best Medicine” and

P5 by MTM Wafa Al Nakhi titled “Love”

The induction of Six New Members was done by our VP Membership, TM Raham Sithara.

General Evaluator was done by TM Reghunath Nair who introduced other evaluators.

Evaluating TM Valerine Perreria was TM Dr Balan Vijay Kumar

Evaluating TM Zakir Hussain was TM Suresh S. Edavana and

Evaluating TM Wafa Al Nakhi was TM Santhosh Kumar.

The Table Topics session was conducted by TM Muraleedharan in which 5  members and 1 guest participated for the impromptu speaking. The Guest was Mr. Zahid  whose participation was commendable.

The silent role players were TM Mohd Ashraf – Timer, TM Sharooq Ali – Joke Master, TM Rahim – Grammarian and TM Rohit Tharamal – Fine Timer.

Best Speaker Award winner was MTM Wafa Al Nakhi

Best Evaluator Award winner was – TM Suresh S. Edavana and

Best Table Topic speaker Award – TM Loy .

Meeting concluded at 10.00 PM.

  1. Message from Balakrishnan
    Here is a bird’s eye view of 254th meeting. Detailed minutes of meeting will be prepared by secretary and uploaded in the website as usual.

    – TM Balakrishnan Nambiar was the TMOD – there were more than 25 TMS and guests attended.against the expected 40-50

    – TM Mohd Rafi conducted ALTTS in which the entire cross section of the Lagoonites participated.

    – the absence of the current president Mr. Rao and the immediate past president TM Rakesh Dayal and Mentor M.K. Rajan and TM Ravoof was conspicuous and it was amply compensated by the active presence of, ( including but not limited to ) Loy, Jessie, Dr. Balan, Santhosh, Suresh, Reghunath, Sunita, Praveen, Rafi, Sitara etc.,.such senior members.

    – Call to order and statement was by TM George Jacob

    – Presidential Address by Dr. Balan in the absence of TM Rao

    – Toastmasters message, obviously by me, being the TMOD – the theme of the message was challenge and response. The feedbacks were encouraging to me.

    – there was only two guests to introduce themselves

    – Word of the day was presented by MTM Hind Yousif Sahoo. The word was not well understood. I request the VP Education to prior approve the word and to make sure it is displayed in accepted format.

    – Round robin sessino was done by non-role players

    – There were 3 project speakers (TM Valerine Perreria, TM Zakir Hussain and MTM Wafa Al Nakhi) and 3 evaluators.(TM Dr. Balan, TM Suresh Edavana and TM Santhosh). One proposed speaker (TM Sagar Thamang) was withdrawn in the last minute, reason not known to me.

    – Best speaker award was gone to MTM Wafa Al Nakhi and Best Evaluator prize was awarded to TM Suresh Edavana

    – Induction of new members was done by MTM Sitara

    – Table topics session was conducted by TM Muralee, and TM Loy won the best table topic speaker.

    – General Evaluator was TM Reghunath

    – Joke master was MTM Sharook Ali

    – Fine timer was TM Rohit Tharamal, Grammarian was TM Rahim

    – Awards and closing address by Dr. Balan.

    The meeting was a grand success inspite of the comparatively low attendance. Frequent laughter that reverberated in the meeting hall was a clear indication that the meeting was very enjoyable, informative and cordial.

    Next meeting’s TMOD is TM Mohd Rafi – come and attend – celebrate as part of Eid Festival. Many surprises are on the anvil.

    Thanks for everyone, especially to the President Mr. Rao who confidentally entrusted a novice as me with the TMOD role. I promise, at the next TMOD role, after learning from the mistakes which might have crept into last meeting, I will make it more enjoyable, entertaining and informative.

    Best regards to all

    Balakrishnan Nambiar

  2. From the president of Lagoon TM
    Dear Mr. Balakishnan,

    I prepared so well for the meeting and unfortunately, i had to miss it because of some meeting which came up in the last minute.

    I know the hard you all had put up and wanted to see that give success for the meeting and wanted to be there in person for giving my support.

    I feel very sad that i could not make it.

    Your email gave a detailed report on the proceedings of the meeting. Now i am quite happy that the meeting concluded with success.

    Call master report says 40 people will attend. That report included my name and Rakesh Dayal name. May be similarly 15 members had last min problems like us and they could not come. The positive side of this is that We are lucky only 15 had problem.

    Lastly, you have done a good job and i am sure you will do better job in your next venture.

    Chandrasekhar Rao

  3. From TM Rafi
    Nambiar Sir,

    Congrats to you. Once again you proved what leadership skills are. Overall it was an excellent meeting with lot of energy and positive ambience.

    I have nothing to add Evaluators have justified with their comments and views. However in my opinion the highlight of yesterdays meeting is TM Zakirs sinitillating performance, he was simply rocking. Congrats to you Zakir, you are still in P3, you can reach to highest echelons.

    The other Highlight is debutant Hind Sahoo’s performance, though she came late to the meeting, but very courageously introduced the word. Since she became the member, she has attended all the three meetings regularly, even though there was no role to her in previous meetings, but her commitment and an urge to learn is already reflecting, I think we all should learn such determination (attending meetings regularly). Her yesterdays another contribution is she picked up a guest on her way, thanks Hind for all these.

    Best regards,

  4. From TM Praveen
    Dear Lagoonites,

    Some breif points over and above the good performance already highlighted.

    1) Timer TM Mohd Ashraf did a good job eventhough it was this first attempt, and we had some mistakes in the timings.

    2) Joke Master- MTM Shurooq- Well done with the personal story. As adviced by TM Suresh Edavana, please build on this story and we can have a good humourous speech for competition.

    3) Fine Timer- TM Rohit a good job and had noted down a lot of points.

    It is nice role and as per general feedback we need to keep this as a regular feature for all meetings.

    4) Grammarian- TM Rahim- Good observation.

    TM Balakrishnan, great stuff. You have proved that you are a good organiser too.


    Praveen KN

  5. From TM Rashid
    Your commitment to the TMOD role was evident throughout the meeting. Wish you all the best Mr. Nambiar.


  6. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    First TMOD role for anyone would be little tiresome and scarry. It is only in the toastmasters that mistakes are not only tolerated but often celebrated. Human beings dread condemnation as much as they crave for approval. There is only approval in toastmasters, no condemnation at all. I request Ravoof to attend every session as he is humourous in all his comments, brave in his opinions. He deserves a special honouring for maintaining this site which is a blackhole (tremendous attraction, I mean) for aspiring toastmasters.

    I bow my head in gratitude to all who encouraged me in my role as TMOD.

  7. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Dear Balaji,
    You have done a good Job. The highlight was of course Zakir hussein speech. The fine timer was good. This was were in one of the meeting last year also. We should have it in every meeting. Attendance was bit low. We need to be bit careful on this.

  8. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    I liked Regu’s comment ( General evaluator) that we should stop the ALTT’s at 7.15PM. We need that 15 minutes and can be useful for the below purposes:-

    1. TMOD can speak to all role players and ensure that everything is on place. for example the word master didn’t wrote the word and we were looking for a pen. Sketch pen was available near timer but due to lack of time we didn’t write the word and no body used the word of the day.
    2. People can network each other. Lot of new members joined in last few months and people need time to communicate and network each other.
    3. Everybody can collect their badges and wear it.
    4. Speakers using projects can ensure that everything working good and on place.
    5. Since we know we have time to do all this from 7.15 to 7.30 every body can concentrate on ALTTS. Now during the ALTTS everybody buzzy with their preparations and discussions and very few listen to the speeches.

  9. Sajid Koroth
    Sajid Koroth says:

    Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,

    you have done an excellent job. Very matured and meaningful. The participants were all greatly contributed. After a little gap , I think all the participants were performed equally good. Word master issue must be resolved as it is in the beginning, such embarrassment will ruin the spirit of the meeting. When new comers are coming it really gives good mood and challenge.

    presence of senior members like, Dr. Balan, Jessy , Ragu, Loy, sunita were really added charm to the meeting.

    Warm Regards
    Sajid Koroth

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