Lagoon Meeting #253


The 253rd meeting of  Lagoon was held on the 10th  Oct 2011.  After the ALLTS session, the meeting started on time at 7.30 PM @ RAYAN Hotel Sharjah.

The opening was done by  SAA  TM George Jacob who announced  club mission statement and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by MTM Jessie D’Souza, who highlighted the importance of Change, both in business & personal life and invited the newly joined members. As a surprise change she handed over the podium to TMOD, TM Rakesh Dayal, who took up the role on short notice as TM Mohammed Rashid, was unable to attend the meeting.

TM  Rakesh Dayal as MC presented the theme of the Day: “CHANGE” on his opening message inspired to change others life with quotes and memories of life Change and  followed the introduction of Guests.

The word of the day was introduced by newly joined TM Vinod. “ FELICITY”  meaning an instance of happiness or something that causes happiness. The word was used only 2 times during the meeting.

The innovative Round Robin session by commenting on different quotes of CHANGE was very interesting in which all non role members and guests participated.

There were 3 prepared speeches

P2 by  TM Balakrishnan with speech title “Life is not fair”.  P3  by TM Natraj was on his trip to Kailas titled  “Adventure at high Altitude”. The P6 of MTM Raham Sithara was titled “ Life Alarm”.

General Evaluator was one of our founder member TM  MK Rajan, who introduced other evaluators namely: Evaluating TM Balakrishnan was TM Praveen K N, Evaluating TM Natraj was TM Mohammed Rafi  and for MTM Raham Sithara was  TM Narasimham V L Madudulapalil. 

The Table Topics session with high value topics was conducted by MTM Raseetha Praveen which 3 members and 1 guest for the impromptu speaking set  lagoon bar high. The Guest was Mr. Sham whose participation was commendable.

Video Presentation of the  International winning speech 2011 and its evaluation by TM Santhosh Kumar Ramachandran, and TM Chandrashekhar Rao, was informative and explained on what made the speech winning one.

The silent role players were TM Valerian Pereira Pereira– Timer, Joke Master – TM Sajid Koroth and Chief Greet Master — TM Nabeel Kattakath

Best Evaluator Award winner was – TM Mohammed Rafi  and Best Table Topic speaker Award – TM Mathew P Mathews .

Meeting concluded at 10.00 PM.

Photos courtesy Muraleedharan
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  1. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    Dear All,

    The meeting was as usual – Dr. Balan, Sailesh, Reghunath, last but not least, Ravoof – such senior members were not present. I request these senior TMS to attend as far as possible – they are the creamy layers of the club. I did my P2 – “Life is not fair, Get used to it” – with these absentees, life was not fair in this meeting.For the next meeting I am the TMOD, dont miss it. I look forward to an overflowing audience – come early – car parking spaces are limited.

    • Congratulations Bala on your P2. I sorry I missed out on your speech. Will certainly come from the next meeting. Indeed life is not fair. We know it, but is very difficult to get used to it! All the best for being the TMOD for the next meeting. Looking forward to it.

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