Lagoon Meeting #252


The Lagoon Meeting #252 was held on the 26th Sept 2011. It started on time at 7.30 PM @ RAYAN Hotel Sharjah.

The opening was done by SAA, TM George Jacob who authentically announced club mission and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by TM Chandrasekhar Rao, highlighted the importance of filtering the Truth and invited the distinguished guests and officials espl. Div. Gov. DTM Nagabhushan Balaji and Past Div. Governor DTM Vinod Mehra and handed over the podium to TMOD.

ATMB CL Jessie D’Souza as TMoD. MTM Jessie on her role as MC presented the theme of the Day: “INFLUENCE” on her opening message inspired to change others life with quotes and memories and depicted what influenced her to be part of Toastmaster movement followed the introduction of Guests.

The word of the day was introduced by TM SajidFlambuoyant” meaning, confident, and lively and the word was used 5 times during the meeting.

The warm up Round Robin session was very interesting in which all non role members and guest participated.

There were 4 prepared speeches

P1 project by TM Rahim who reinforced in his Ice breaking speech “Road to success is always under construction”

TM Zakir Hussain P2 highlighted the side effect the Smoking.

P3 project by MTM Wafa Alnakhi urged the importance of Goal Setting and Visualizing the success with Tenacity

P6 project by TM Mohd Rafi with a message of living in the moments and advised to be away from WCSP – Worst Case Scenario.

General Evaluator was DTM N Balaji, who introduced other evaluators namely Evaluating TM Rahim was TM Biswaranjan; Evaluating TM Zakhir Hussain was TM Rashid; Evaluating MTM Wafa was MTM Sithara & Evaluating TM Mohd Rafi by TM Vinod Mehra.

The Table Topics session with high value topics was conducted by TM Jagdish Rao which 2 members and 2 guests for the impromptu speaking set lagoon bar high. Guests Ms.Shurooq Al-Banna, Mr. Ahamed Ali Zuhoor participation was inspiring and commendable.

Video Presentation of the 2nd Place International winning speech 2011 and its evaluation by TM Dr. Balan and TM Reghunath was informative and explained what made the speech winning one.

The silent role players were TM Praveen – Timer.

It was Suggested by Div. Governor to set up a Library for Table Topics.

Best speaker Award– MTM Wafa Alnakhi

Best Evaluator Award – TM Vinod Mehra

Best Table Topic speaker Award – Guest Shurooq Al Bana

Meeting concluded at 10.00 PM

Photos courtesy Sailesh & Muraleedharan
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  1. Message from the TMoD Jessie.

    Dear Role Players, Members, guests and most importantly distingushed Div.Governors (Past & Present),

    It was a pleasure being the TMOD of yesterday’s meeting and my thanks to all, who were present.

    President told me to send the agenda a week before and I haven’t had a clue of the theme and my message. I simply gave a theme as `INFLUENCE’ and as the days were coming closer, I was wondering what will I speak on Influence. When DTM Balaji consented to do the General Evaluation my theme started blooming and I slowly roped in TM.Vinod Mehra and my theme `INFLUENCE’ took form.

    Wordmaster : Flamboyant lawyer TM.Sajid did a wonderful job even at the eleventh hour as TM.Sudhakar dropped out at the last moment.
    Project Speakers : Hats off to each one of you – you filled our mind & soul with enthusiasm and energy.
    1) TM Rahim : We are lucky to have you. I was touched by your thoughts of wisdom and wit.
    2) TM Zakir : I liked your opening – the act of coughing up the smoke.
    3) MTM Wafa : I was swept away by your passion & preparation. The bag, glares, graduation cap & message – still playing on my mind.
    4) TM Raffi : WCSP – Worst Case Scenario Person – you brought out the message well.
    Wafa, Congrats for winning the best speaker award.

    Evaluations : DTM Balaji, your influence made a difference to the evaluation segment.
    Biswaranjan, Rashid, Sitara and Vinod. You really commended the best and recomended for improvement. Vinod, even in your tiredness, I could sense the warmth and smile. Your winning trophy and certificate is with us. Please collect it, another reason for attending our next meeting.

    Table Topic : TM Jagdish Rao, you had good and meaningful topics. It was like a challenging game and I appreciate both guest speakers both spoke well. Ms.Shookur Al Banna is an eye-opener for us, for she brought out a message of charity & service even in those split seconds of impromptu speaking. Congrats to Shookur, the best Table Topic speaker.

    Video presentation was an added treat. Thanks to the postmortem evaluators of the winning speech. Both Dr Balan and Reghunath did a wonderful evaluation. There were suggestions from members that we should have a library of winning speeches and must allocate a segment for this.
    TM Loy is another influential personality, we always look forward to and he makes his presence felt whenever he comes for the meeting. Also, my thanks to Lagoon’s most influential person, TM M K Rajan.

    Yes, we had too many things wrapped in a 2.1/2 hrs meeting and when we left, all of us carried that energy and enthusiasm.

    Thank you, President for your leadership. Although you stay as far (as China/Gardens), your closeness with Lagoon is admirable.
    I don’t have the email ids of our guests, can someone convey my thanks to all those cheerful guests who graced our meeting.


  2. Message from the President of Lagoon TM, Chandrasekhar Rao

    Dear Jessie,

    You are right China/gardens are very far but on lagoon stage they are very close. Thats why i love coming to Sharjah.

    Balaji said we had too many things packed but did we not do justice for each role.

    Each and every role player put his/her best effort and moreover i am so lucky to have a wonderful excom team with me.

    See the way Sitara attacked smedley award. Oh My God. it was amazing. I never thought we will make it and she proved me WRONG.

    Everyone performs in lagoon and that’s why it makes life easy for me. I enjoy every moment in lagoon.

    I was to leave to India on urgent work yesterday afternoon but some how i got it post-phoned to the flight which is at 3 in the morning, just to attend lagoon meeting. I am in India now and will be back on 3 October.

    Lastly, I want to hear from members regarding the evaluation of international speeches. Was it a good idea or are we wasting time?

    Chandrasekhar Rao

  3. The highlight of the meeting was MTM Wafa’s speech. Truly inspiring. TM Rafi’s speech was also equally good. The biggest surprise though came from the guests. Table topic guest speakers stole the limelight. Another fabulous meeting!

  4. George Jacob
    George Jacob says:

    MTM Jessie meeting was Flambuoyant, perfectly in line with word of the day.All the guest added colur to the meetings which made simply amazing.If we could transform the guest as members, defenitly Lagoon will have many champions.
    Best regards,

  5. It was really a nice experience for me to attend this meeting at Lagoon. I really enjoyed.

    As suggested by TM George Jacob in his comments, I have decided to join the club in the next meeting on 10-10-11.

    Website is still showing next meeting is on 26-09-11???? please do needful.

    TM Loy Machedo got enough votes for TEDx??? Goodluck Loy!


    • Thank you Ashraf for your comments and for reminding to change the meeting date.

      Glad that you have decided to become a member. All the best for your success in becoming a successful speaker and leader.

      Yes, Loy has got enough votes for TEDx Dubai. Let’s all hope he does a fabolous job as usual.

      Thanks Ashraf.

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