Lagoon Meeting #251

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SanthoshThe Lagoon Meeting #251 was held on the 5th September 2011. It started on time at 7.30 PM @ RAYAN Hotel Sharjah.

TM Santhosh Kumar as TMoD and presented the theme of the evening: “SELF CONFIDENCE”. The opening was done by SAA , TM Zakhir Hussain who authentically read out the club mission statement and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by TM Chandrasekhar Rao, who handed over the podium to , to TMOD, followed the introduction of Guests.

TM Santhosh Kumar presented the message of Self Confidence back up with his personal experience and quotes.

The Round Robin session was very interesting all non role members shared views on self confidence.

The word of the day was introduced by TM Natraj.

There were 4 prepared speeches
P2 projects by TM Sajid Koroth & TM Rodney Araujo.

ACB 1 project by TM Mohd Rashid & ACS-8 Project by TM Balan Vijayakumar.

The Table Topics session conducted by MTM Sunita Nair.

General Evaluator was TM Bisaranjan, who introduced other evaluators namely MTM Wafa Evaluating TM Sajid Koroth and TM Naveen Sidwani; Evaluating TM Rodney Araujo, whereas Silet Evaluators was TM Chandrasekhar Roa Evaluating TM Mohd Rashid and TM Suresh Cherai Evaluating TM Dr. Balan Vijayan with the objective of refining the champions speakers of Lagoon.

Third place winning speech 2011 “Rosco’s Words” by TM Scott Pitchard video was displayed and same was evaluated by DTM Suresh Cherai on the analytical aspects and TM Rakesh Dayal what made the speech as winning.

Timer – TM Praveen Narayan
Best speaker – TM Balan Vijayakumar

Meeting concluded at 10.45 PM

MOM compiled by TM George Jacob. Thanks George.

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    George Jacob says:

    Thanks Santhosh for giving us an insight about the Selfconfidence.
    Regards, George

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