Lagoon Meeting #250


George JacobThe Lagoon Milestone Meeting #250 was held on the 15th  Aug  2011. It started  on time at 7.30 PM @ RAYAN Hotel Sharjah.

TM George Jacob as TMoD on his foremost role as  MC presented the  theme of the Day: “NOSTALGIA” The opening was done by  SAA ,  TM Rodney Araujo who authentically read out the club mission statement and called the meeting to order. The presidential address was done by TM Chandrasekhar Rao, who handed over the podium to Sr TM Suresh S Edavana ACG, to  share his views on Lagoon NOSTALGIA, followed the introduction of Guests.

Minutes of Last meeting was read by TM Mathew.P.Mathews.

TM  George Jacob carried the message of Nostalgia throughout the meeting, with different  forms, life memories and quotes .

The word of the day was introduced by TM Mohan Dharmarajan ALACRITY meaning, eagerness, promptness  and the word was used 7 times during the meeting.

There were 4 prepared speeches

P2 projects by  TM Valerian Pereira – “When you think You can” & TM Sreejith Pillai – “I am OK, You are OK”

P3 projects by TM Sager Tamang “How to present like” & TM TM Sudhakaran TK – “Integrated Personality”

General Evaluator  was TM Santhosh Kumar, who introduced other evaluators namely Evaluating TM Valerian Pereira was TM Syed Fazlullah; Evaluating TM Sreejith Pillai was TM Saileh Ghaghda; Evaluating TM Sagar Tamang was MTM Jessie D’Souza & Evaluating TM Sudhakaran TK by TM Suresh Cherai

The Table Topics session was done TM Naveen Sadhwani.

The Education session “Moments of Truth” was done by Area Governor TM Rakesh Dayal.

The Round Robin session was very interesting in which all present explained on NOSTALGIA in their own lives.

The silent role players were TM Regunath Nair – Timer, TM Muraleedharan – Joke Master, TM Narasimham – grammarian & TM Sajid Koroth – Ah Counter.

Best speaker – TM Sreejith Pillai

Best Evaluator – MTM Jessie D’Souza 

Best Table Topic speaker – TM Ajeesh

Meeting concluded at 10.05 PM

Poster designed by our creative VP PR TM Rodney! Great work champ.

Photos Courtesy TM Sailesh
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  1. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Dear George,
    You have done a good Job and took we all back to our home country for some time. Nice slides and memories. What is interesting is even in the peak of vacation and Ramadan we are able to conduct the meeting with a reasonable strength . We also implemented the new system of collecting feedback for speeches and TMOD. This we learned from our Joint meeting with Dubai Chapter.
    George Well Done…… all the best for your future projects.

    Muraleedharan P

    • George Jacob
      George Jacob says:

      Dear Cool Muralee, though you wish to be called in that name. I did not any coooooooooool in you.
      The day I was nominated forcebily by our President along with Area Governer, I remember you continuously giving fire of follow ups, ideas and even personal visit to my flat. I am really honoured with your supports.

      George jacob

  2. Dear George,
    I sent you a SMS and I’m writing again…You have done a good job and have made “all” your mentor(s) very proud.
    TMoD role is never easy, no matter how much time you get…there are many variables and factors. Now you have overcome that part so please take this strength and go ahead with your projects with passion.
    Remember Good is the enemy of Great…so settle for nothing but great. We wants more of this from you.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Mohan D.

    • George Jacob
      George Jacob says:

      Many thanks Mohan for your encouraging words before the meeting and after the meetings. As I replied you, whatever transition happened in me, the real credit goes to the Lagoon family.

  3. A meeting with good attendance. Excellent effort from George. His effort in conducting the meeting, preparing script and the money he spent on food is really commendable. This shows commitment…if someone can spent their own money for a common cause it means something for that someone…George hats off you man.

    As the objective is to learn from every meeting, you may consider the following:

    rigidness when standing in front of a small crowd. You need to relax (this can be practiced in future meetings)and just speak to the audience. We all wanted all of us to succeed, hence making mistakes is OK.

    Interestingly now a days we have more guests than members. Members get up and come back.

    • George Jacob
      George Jacob says:

      Dear Mentor Santhoshji, I always tell my wife and kids, after sending my draft script to you, it comes back with SUCH A MAGICAL TRANSFORMATION OF WORDS AND IN DIMENSIONS. I really wonder, how you get this capacity ! I know, I was really chasing you to get my script corrected, sorry for the troubles and appreciate your kind support always.

  4. NOSTALGIA- excellent topic. Hope somebody sung a nostalgic song to add spices to the event. Really when i read your postings it brought back great memories of my schooldays.

    Lovely topic.

    • George Jacob
      George Jacob says:

      Thanks Rasmi for your lovely comments, I am bit proud, if you got back to your good old days. I hope we all enjoyed, we know you are live streaming, still how about when we will be able to meet you at Lagoon. See you soon.

      Kind regards

  5. When i left behind the elaborate iftar delicacies prepared by my wife to attend lagoon meeting, little did i know that another elaborate spread arranged by our own George was waiting for me at Lagoon. Well done George! You carried out the meeting with elan. The meeting was a testimony to the effectiveness of Toastmasters program in developing and transforming member’s skills and there by their personalities. TM Sudhakaran’s speech was rich in content and his delivery was a vast improvement from his earlier speeches.

    Each meeting of lagoon’s leave me for wanting more!

    • George Jacob
      George Jacob says:

      Thank your very much TM Rashid for your encouragements. Indeed, I took lot of effort and asked advices from most of the Veteran TM’s of Lagoon, to make sure my maiden MOC goes well. Since it was in Lagoon family,I never thought about failure, as each one encouraged me was there any mistakes.

      Kind regards,
      George Jacob

  6. Well done George. Unfortunately I was not with all of you in the hotel room, but I was with you through the web! I knew I would skip a few meetings and that’s when I decided I wont miss a meeting again! The LIVE streaming of the meeting was great.

    All of you performed well. The 250th meeting is indeed a meting to remember and George sure wont forget the meeting.

    Congratulations to Lagoon on reaching this historic milestone!

    Regarding the LIVE streaming, PLEASE DO NOT switch off the camera during the break. It gives an impression that the meeting is over and all leave. Just let it run or turn the camera towards the dining area.

    It was a fabulous meeting. Whale done!

    • Thank You Ravoof your encouragements.

      You are really supporting and marketing the club, which we are very proud of you.

      kind regards,


  7. A commentary on some of the pictures…
    (hover with your mouse over each picture to see the serial number)

    #521 The speaker seems to be in the pool too
    #599 The silhouette corresponds to the small/large comparison
    #612 The ear really emphasizes listening skills


    Any more??

  8. #589 – Why dont these people listen to Ravoof?
    #525 – Well….. scratch.. scratch.. scratch..
    #581 – Gome on ppl… listen to Ravoof!
    #575 – Should I listen to that bum Ravoof?!

  9. George Jacob
    George Jacob says:

    Dear Lagoonites,

    I have discovered a person of “YES” amongest us. Even if, we want to walk only 1 KM, this Gentlemen will accompany and persuade us to walk 2 more KM extra.The same gentlemen, calling us, to ask the permission to come down to our place to see the rehersal. He will come down again to see the progress. He is a man of 7×7 days, 24 Hrs working for us.

    Any Guess ! Any of the Lagoonites have come across this expirience, please inform me !

  10. Mathews
    Mathew P. Mathews says:

    Dear George,
    It is our one and only president TM chendraji..
    Being another weekend in this part of the globe, also after immense Iftar party I am enjoying the NOSTALGIA_ moments of your meeting. Scripted well and done as if a vibrant speaker. I was expecting slides swimming memories which was my go back to my village. See you after my vacation, 1st meeting in Oct. 2011

    • You are right TM Mathews !

      It was our dear President TM Chandrasekhar incessant
      support helped me a lot to play my roll. It was he who made sure that, I do TMOD from May month on wards, but get caught for 15th Aug. card.
      New TM’s if you are in a position to prepare well, after getting a Theme, you can conquer TMOD role at ease, especially with support of your mentor and ever time yes President.

      Hats of President and I salute you for the supports.


      • sekhar
        Chandrasekhar says:

        Thanks George and Mathew for such wonderful complement. I do this only because of your enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to work with you people. I can always give my 100% to lagoon with you guys around.

  11. Sajid Koroth
    Sajid Koroth says:

    Dear George,

    You have done avery good job. I appreciate your commitment to do the role in a very short span of time. This is infact an encouragement to the new comers like me to grab new roles. The over all review of the meeting, from my point of view ,is remarkable. All participants had performed their best. Keep doing good work. all the best.

    • George Jacob
      George Jacob says:

      Thanks Sajid.I appreciate your complete scan of Ah Counter reports on our last meeting. Indeed, this TMOD role will really push us to know about the complete meetings and its challenges.Still I have to work a lot, neverthless it gave me some more confidence in my armoury of Public Speaking.
      The earler we experience is better. Good Luck !

      Kind regards,

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