Lagoon Meeting #249


Mathew P MathewsThe meeting #249 was held on 1st  Aug  2011. It started  at 7.30 PM @ RAYAN Hotel, Sharjah. The TMoD was TM Mathew P Mathews who presented  theme of the Day: ” Relationship“.  The opening was done by  SAA ,  TM George Jacob who read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order. The presidential address done by TM Chandrasekhar Rao, followed the introduction of Guests.

Minutes of Last meeting was read by TM Sudhakaran T K.

TM  Mathew P Mathews presented the message throughout the meeting with different  forms  of “Relationship” and quotes.

The word of the day was “NOSTALGIA” meaning, home sickness, longing. It was introduced by TM Valerian Pereira P and the word was used 26 times during the meeting.

The Round Robin session was very interesting in which all present explained on supportive relationship in their own life.

There were 3 prepared speeches, P2 by TM Nataraj, P7 by TM Biswaranjan Samal and ACS 5 by TM M K Rajan.

All the speeches were evaluated by our senior Toastmasters namely TM Rakesh Dayal, TM Regunath Nair CC and  TM  Suresh S Edavana ACG, CL. They gave valuable tips for their future speeches in line with manual objectives.

The Table Topics session was done TM Sailesh Ghaghda with an innovative idea on “relationship themes” with slides.

The winner of TT was our 2nd time guest Ms. Purmina Unnikrishan.

The Education session on “Tips to win International Speech” was done by TM Charity Madera ACS, CL, officer  of 3 Clubs, with highest achievement as Division J champion international speech.

The silent role players were TM Jacob Varghese – Timer, TM Naveen Kumar Sadhwani – Grammarian, TM Sagar Tamang – Ah counter and TM Rodney – Greet Master.

Best speaker was TM M K Rajan.

General Evaluation was done by TM Fidel Ismael ACB,CL, the President of Oasis Achievers Toastmasters Club. He gave a detailed general evaluation of the whole meeting. The evaluation was very useful to all the members. We hope the members use his valuable pointers in their future projects.

Meeting concluded at 10.25 PM

Photos Courtesy TM Sailesh

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  1. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    The meeting was excellent and highlight of the meetings according to me were…………..

    It was the first day of Ramadan and peak of vacation still we could manage a strength of 25+
    Excellent education session and evaluation
    TMOD done well in organizing and presenting the meeting.
    Table topic winner was a Guest , that too a 10 year old student.

    Thanks Mathew. You worked hard for the day.

  2. It was the first meeting I saw LIVE! It was indeed a great feeling. Well done Mathews.

    I urge everyone no matter what position you hold or how important you are to please follow the Toastmasters rule on timing. It is the reason we have a Timer with a stop watch, a light signal and a bell. It just shows how important it is to keep time! Yes agreed it was informative, blah blah blah… but please do all of that in the time specified.

    Anyways it was a splendid meeting with an all round performance by ever member.

    Well done Muralee for the Tags.

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