Lagoon Meeting #248


Lagoon Meeting #248

The Meeting #248 was held on 18th July 2011. It started on time at 7.30 PM @ RAYAN Hotel Sharjah. The TMOD was TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna who presented theme of the Day: “Opportunities”. The opening was done by SAA , TM George Jacob who read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order. The presidential address done by TM Chandrasekhar Rao, followed the introduction of Guests. There were a total of 11 guests, four of them students.

The Minutes of the previous meeting was read by TM Mathew P Mathews.

TM Muraleedharan Punnamanna, carried the message throughout the meeting with different life opportunities and quotes.

The word of the day was CONTINGENCY (unforeseen event, emergency) and was introduced by MTM Divya Nair and the word was used 9 times during the meeting.

The Round Robin session was very interesting in which all present spoke on opportunities from their own life.

There were 3 prepared speeches by TM Wafa, TM Reem Khamis and TM M P Mathews.

All the speeches were evaluated by senior toastmasters namely TM Biswaranjan, TM Mohammed Rashid and TM Praveen KN who gave valuable tips for their future speeches in line with manual objectives.

The ATMS – P3 on “ Evaluation – A seminar” was done by TM Dr . Balan Vijay Kumar which was evaluated by TM Rakesh Dayal.

Selection of the Lagoon Slogan for the year 2011/2012 was done after the break. The selected slogan is “Come, Speak, Conquer

The silent role players were TM Natraj – timer, TM George Jacob – grammarian, TM Jagdish – Ah counter and TM Rodney – Greet Master.

Best speaker was MTM Reem Khamis, and Best Evaluator was TM Reghunath Nair.

General Evaluation was done by TM MK Rajan.

Meeting concluded at 10.05 PM

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  1. Sidharth Sharma says:

    Good Job Murali!!!

  2. Lagoon TMs’ website is a standard against which other websites excellence is measured!

  3. Santhosh.kumar
    Santhosh says:

    Yes Ravoof is doing an exceptional job…probably he should try to webcast next DTAC too.

  4. Nice to see you as TMOD..and wish you reach even higher.

  5. George Jacob
    George Jacob says:

    Though Muralee a Novice TM, created a bench mark for the new members to what level he/she can grow to be a master of Ceremony ! Your performance and stage management was really Exemplary! Keep Going !

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