Lagoon Meeting #247


The TMOD of Meeting #247 was TM  Rakesh Dayal and theme of the Day: “The Secret of Success”

1. The meeting started on time i.e 7.30 PM.

2. The Sergeant @ Arms was TM Mathew P Mathews and he read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order.

3. The Introduction of Guests and Club new EXCOM  Installation,was done by our senior most veteran TM M K Rajan for the year 2011-12.

4. Toastmaster of the Day Message was done by  TM  Rakesh Dayal, who  carried away the message throughout the meeting, with different quotes and slides.

5. TM Syed Fazlullah, out going Secretary introduced the word “Charisma”, and it was used by some of  members and guests throughout the meeting.

6. The Round Robin session was a brain storming exercise initiated by TMOD  to get suggestions how bring back DTAC cup and  to achieve DCP points. Collected around dozens valued points from each groups.

6. In the Project Speeches Session, we heard 3 speakers giving out their best.

The speakers were:

TM Natraj – P1, MTM Raseetha Praveen – P5, TM Narasimhamam – P6

7.  General Evaluator TM Praveen  had done the evaluation covering all areas of the meeting. It was his maiden assignment and well conceived and very well carried out.

8. TM Praveen introduced other project evaluators TM Sreejith Pilai, MTM Jessie Dsouza & TM Mohammed Rashid to evaluate respective project speakers

9. The Joke master was TM  Mathew P Mathews

10. The other Silent role players were acknowledged and thanked by TM Rakesh Dayal

Grammarian – TM Muraleedharan, Ah Counter – TM Jacob Varghese, Timer – TM Nabeel Kattakath

11. Voting was held to choose the Best Speaker, Best Table Topics & Best Evaluator.

  • TM Natraj was declared as the best speaker for his ice breaker speech
  • Best Table Topics was TM  Loy
  • Best Evaluator was TM Mohammed Rashid

12. This was followed by the Awards and Closing Ceremony by our President TM Chandrasekhar Rao.

The meeting concluded at 10.15.

Pictures courtesy TM Sailesh Ghaghda

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  1. The meeting was a real treat! Thanks to Natraj for the mouthwatering masala dosa topped with real butter! Simply delicious!

  2. santhosh says:

    I was fortunate to watch this meeting remotely from Cochin. It was a different experience.

  3. Well done all the roleplayers! Good to see Lagoonites far & wide are able to see the meeting in progress. Wisam watched it too, has provided some feedback on sound – I’m sure Ravoof will fix in the next meeting…

  4. sunita nair
    sunita nair says:

    Will be in India for the next one month. Thanks to live streaming, we will not miss the next two meetings, even though we will not be in town.Good luck to all role players.

  5. Melwyn Pereira says:

    Great job Ravoof & Well done Lagoon Toastmasters. I was one of the fortunate ones who watched the meeting in the afternoon minus the AED 25 guest fee. Watched the whole meeting in far off Canada. Good to see old faces – Loy, Jessie, MK Rajan & of course Ravoof.

    Well done Lagoon and keep the banner of Toastmasters flying.

  6. Thank you all. Sailesh, will try to improve the the sound.

    Thanks Melwyn. You saved much more. Remember you have to pay for your tickets too! Keep watching us and do send your valued feedback.

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