Lagoon Meeting #246


The TMOD of Meeting #246 was TM Chandrasekhar Rao and his theme of the meeting was“Welcome ever smiles and farewell goes out sighing”. This was the last meeting of the year 2010-11. Our special guests were DTM Nagabhushan Balaji, the new Divison J Governor and current DTAC Jordan Internation Speech Champion TM Vikas Menon. A lot of guests also attended. We thank them for attending.

1. The meeting started on time i.e 7.30 PM.

2. The Sergeant At Arms was TM Mathew P Mathews and he read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order.

3. The presidential address was done by TM Rakesh Dayal with a anoncement of achievements of lagoon club EXCOM for the year and welcomed the Division J Governor TM Balaji Nagabhusnam.

4. Going with the Theme of the day “Welcome ever smiles and farewell goes out sighing” TMOD Chandrasekhar Rao delivered the message with a inspiring story.

5. TM  Nataraj introduced the word  mellifluous” , and it was used by all the members and guests throughout the meeting. This was followed by a very interesting Round Robin session TM Chandrasekhar started a sroty line and all the members including guests carried the story till climax. It was new innovative and intereting idea hats off TM Chandrasekhar.

6. In the Project Speeches Session, we heard 2 speakers giving out their best.

The speakers were:

1. TM Raghunath Nair – (ACB1)– To be and Not to be great.
3. TM  Vikas Menon – The DTAC Champion Speech.

The interview section of the DTAC Champion TM Vikas Menon was really a useful for those who aspire to become champions in public speaking.

7.  General Evaluator MTM Wafa had done the evaluation covering all areas of the meeting. It was her maiden assignment and well conceived and very well done. MTM Wafa is a latest addition to Lagoon’s aspiring champions with lot of potential.

8. The other Silent Role Players were acknowledged and thanked by TM Chandraekhar Rao
a. Ah Counter – TM Rajesh
b. Timer – TM Balakrishnan

9. This was followed by the Awards and Closing Ceremony by our President TM Rakesh Dayal. Ackowledging the Members for their support and contribution to EXCOM to acheive the 10 DCP points. The meeting concluded at 10.15.

10. ” Talk of the Town” Lagoon started first time in the region ” LIVE WEBCAST OF TOASTMASTERS MEETING”. Members and whole world can benefit from the Live meetings of Lagoon from today. TM Ravoof’s dedication and hard work paid off. Lagoon awarded the best “Toastmaster’s Site” in GCC.

Three Cheers to TM Ravoof Hip,Hip Hooray

Minutes of the Meeting Complied By TM Syed Fazlullah – Secretary

Photos courtesy TM Reghunath

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  1. First, I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me. Your enthusiasm made me do what I did.

    Going LIVE was just a spark out of nowhere. Everything just fell into place. I’m also happy it went well! Though a lot could be improved, it was a success! Now our members dont speak to a club of 30 people but to the whole world! So every member gets an opportunity to speak to the world every 2 weeks! Nice.

    Rakesh and Chandra’s support was amazing. Thank you guys. The new year will be more exciting I guess. So let us start working towards a great year. All the best to our new president Chandra and his new team.

    • Santhosh.kumar
      Santhosh says:

      Do you mean you are going to do it in every meeting? its really great. Am sure this would bring a train load of members to Lagoon. Yesterday I had to leave early because of something serious…nothing to worry getting recovered from that.

      Keep doing great things.

      • sekhar
        chandrasekhar Rao says:

        It was your achievement Ravoof. Fantastic job, my family and suresh were watching it live sitting comfortably at home.

        I am sure lagoon created history and it needs a big round of applause.

        • Santhosh.kumar
          Santhosh says:

          Suggest Ravoof write a nice article on this and submit it to TMI for “Totastmaster” magazine. Who knows it may be first time in the history of TMI.

  2. Biswaranjan says:

    It was a very innovative step, making the meeting live in the web. Congrats Ravoof. My family was also following the meeting from home. But now we need to be more careful, as we will have a bigger audiance watching us live beyond the meeting room of Rayan Hotel.

    Great Work!

  3. Mathews
    Mathew P. Mathews says:

    As a matter of fact Lagoon has become role model to other chapters of Middle East. We need to market our Web Masters Mr, Ravooof’s technological competence and dedication to our club. Even our guest mentioned our site is both resourceful and eye catching.
    Looking forward more miraculous effects in coming meeting

  4. Thanks guys. I will try to keep this site updated. Please keep using the site.

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