Lagoon Meeting #245


The TMOD of Meeting #245 was TM Anirudh Nair and his theme of the meeting was “Leading from the front”.

  1. The meeting started on time at 7.30 PM.
  2. The Sergeant At Arms, TM Mathew P Mathews read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order.
  3. The presidential address by TM Rakesh Dayal was on Corruption and what actions we are doing about it. It was indeed the need for the hour. We all need to realize that a corrupt life is all but destruction. So let’s stay uncorrupted!
  4. The TMOD TM Anirudh Nair, back after 3 months from his college, gave a strong message on how to Lead from the Front. He gave us interesting short history lessons! A well prepared and researched introduction.
  5. There were four guests Balan, Saju, KK and Daniel who gave us introductions about themselves.
  6. The Word of the Day was “Fortitude” and delivered by TM Zakir Hussain.
  7. The Round Robbin session had all present speak on their ‘Missed’ Leadership opportunities. There were some interesting opportunities which some had let go.
  8. It was time for the project speeches. It was one of the rare moments where there were 3 milestone speeches. 2 Project 10 speeches and 1 Advanced Communicator Bronze 10 speech.TM Reghunath and TM Santhosh gave their P10 speeches, TM Rakesh gave his ACB 10 speech and finally TM Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar gave his ACS 3 speech.All the speeches were brilliant. The winner was TM Reghunath.
  9. Following the speeches, was the much awaited “BREAK”! TM Sunita brought us a home baked cake and also huge samosas! Spring Rolls, samosas, coffee and tea was served by the hotel. It was rather FULL and FILLING!
  10. The much dreaded Table Topics followed. Conducted by TM Balakrishnan, it was spiced up with interesting topics. The winner of TT was TM Mohan.
  11. What followed was indeed an exciting moment for the Club. We got to see the Awards the District 79 had bestowed on our club. The Best Club website award – The Platinum Web Byte Award and the LGM silver membership Award (LGM treasures at forty). Members got certificates.The awards were presented by the president TM Rakesh Dayal. The Platinum Web Byte Award was presented to the VP PR TM Abdul Ravoof. He was instrumental in developing the club website with the help of the club members.
  12. Evaluation followed with TM Mohamed Rafi taking on as the General Evaluator. His team of evaluators evaluating the speeches were TM Sitara evaluating TM Santhosh, TM Sagar Tamang evaluating TM Reghunath, TM Sunita evaluating TM Rakesh and TM Chandrashekar evaluating TM Dr. Vijay Kkumar. The winner of the Evaluation was TM Sitara.
  13. The Joke Master, TM Muraleedharan was next, and had the room in splits.
  14. After that The Grammarian TM Divya Mathur was very effective and gave us pointers on where we made errors.
  15. The Ah Counter was TM Natraj.
  16. This was followed by the awards ceremony by TM Rakesh Dayal. The highlight of this meeting was Lagoon earning all 10 DCP points! Yes Lagoon has once again achieved the President’s Distinguished Club status! Congratulations all Lagoon Members. Congrats to the president TM Rakesh, the VP Education TM Chandrashekar and all the other EXCOM members who made this possible.

Photos courtesy TM Reghunath

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  1. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    We appreciate Mr. Ravoof, your efforts in updating Lagoon affairs and you are a very good ‘summarizer’ of everything. Congrats.

  2. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    What I noticed is every meeting at lagoon toastmasters I get some new information, knowledge and experience………… Reghu Nath Nair’s speech on critical l illness and the possible impact was an eye opener

  3. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Ravoof, Great work. Keep it up. You can also include a line on new members enrolled. You can check with the treasurer and get the details of payments made.

    Anirudh, well done being the youngest members of the team and taking a challenging role was an inspiration for the new members.

  4. Thanks Bala. Its time you stopped praising me and helping me improve the website!! :)

    Thanks Muralee. I am planning on a member page with a list of all active members and also with new joinees. Thanks for your input. I just need to get some spare time. Can you help me in getting a list of all the members and getting info on them (name, work, profession, family, dob, anniversary, etc). Make a form with what we should collect and we will finalize and then send to members or call and ask details. Bala you and Muralee can do it. You are the most active people around.

    Thanks for your contributions.

  5. Reghu’s speech was really inspiring. Indeed we all wait and wait until it’s too late. We have become people who are fond of the line – I wish I could have done it!

    It reminds me of the story which goes like this. A guy keeps praying to God to win the big lottery. He is very sincere and keeps praying for many many months, but with no results. Finally the guy gets irritated and asks God… I have been a sincere devotee and also pray with all my heart. Can’t you have pity on me and make me win the lottery. Is it a big task for you?!

    God gets angry and replies. My son, I agree that you are sincere and all, but for heavens sake “BUY A LOTTERY TICKET FIRST!!!”

    I guess we are all on the same boat.

  6. Ravoof you are doing great…amazing dedication & commitment…Please keep up the spirit :)

  7. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Ravoof, i already have the list . i just need to update with new members. i will do and forward the same to you.

  8. Reghunath Nair says:

    Ravoof. What an extra ordinary effort despite being so busy. For all the milestones achieved, we all should thank Chandra for his dedication. Great going Lagoonites. We form the strongest family on earth.

  9. Thanks Reghu. Our Lagoon family inspires me.

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