Lagoon Meeting #243


The TMOD was TM Dr. Balan Vijay kumar and his theme of the meeting was “Giving Feedback”

1. The meeting started on time i.e 7.30 PM This was  third “Speakathon” of the season.

2. The Sergeant At Arms was TM Mathew P Mathews and he read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order.

3. The presidential address was done by TM M.K.Rajan with a very enthusiastic start.

4. Going with the Theme of the day “Giving Feedback” TMOD Dr.Balan established “Giving Feedback” is important in personal and toastmaster career and how it helped him in his toastmaster with his personal experience.

5. MTM Sunitha introduced the word “Ruminate”, and it was used by all the members and guest throughout the meeting. This was followed by a very interesting Round Robin session where all the members including guests, spoke about how the “Giving Feedback” helped them.

6. In the Project Speeches Session, we heard 6 speakers giving out their best.

The speakers were:

1. TM Nabeel Kattakath  – Turning Point
2. TM Wafa l nakhi – The 1000 miles journey
3. TM Zakir Hussain – There is no success without handwork.
4. MTM Divya Mathur – Recipe for Sparkles

5. TM Mohammed Rafi – Body Language

6. TM Biswaranjan – Keep Going

Voting was held to choose the Best Speaker. All the TMs participated in the voting. MTM Wafa delivering his P1 with a speech title “ The 1000 miles journey” was declared as the best speaker.

7.  General Evaluator TM Sailesh Ghaghada has done the evaluation covering all areas of the meeting proceeding and inspiring and insisting on the subject “Giving Feedback” as the mission and success of Toastmaster organization.

8. The other Silent Role Players were acknowledged and thanked by TM Dr. Balan Vijay kumar
a. Joke Master – TM Balakrishnan illuminated the whole audience with his bursting comedy from his personal experience,
b. Ah Counter – TM Jagdish Rao
c. Timer – TM Syed Fazlullah
d. Grammarian – MTM Sunitha

9. This was followed by the Awards and Closing Ceremony by our Acting President TM M.K.Rajan. The meeting concluded at 9.45.

10. Highlight of the meeting was Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar Tips on the importance of “Giving Feedback” is a very useful guide for personal and professional life.


Minutes of the Meeting Complied By TM Syed Fazlullah – Secretary

Photos courtesy TM Sailesh

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  1. Congrats Syed on your first post!

    This was a fabulous meeting. The TMOD Dr. Vijay Kumar was in his brilliant form. A cool and composed stage performer. His meeting went so smooth and without any glitches that we hardly even noticed the meeting went by. He was in his humorous best as usual, which has become the norm for him. His strict timing made sure the meeting finished on time. Great show doc.

    I still Ruminate about the meeting especially with Sunita giving us a new word for all of us to Ruminate about!

    The Ice Breakers Nabeel, Wafa and Zakir were brilliant, considering that this was their maiden prepared speech. Wafa ofcourse was just ‘too good’ and she had to get the Best Speaker Award! Congrats Wafa!

    We noticed that how Divya was still awe struck by her engagement! She showed it in her “Romantic” Honeymoon speech! hahaha. You really sparkled!

    Rafi was too good with his latest Toastmaster ‘moves’ with his new found ‘Body Language’!!

    Biswa moved us with his speech and had a strong message for all of us who are still stuck with the past. It is high time we all ‘Kept going’. Thanks Biswa. It was a wonderful speech.

    Our Joke master Bala was amazing! I have never laughed for a joke like that in ages! He pulled off one of the most difficult tasks in speaking. Telling jokes! He did it very candidly. He has a very good story telling technique. He would be a great grand dad!

    aaaah Jagdish… the most annoying job was given to him…and he did an amazing job.

    Syed had no problems as a timer, because the TMOD was in charge!! good job Syed.

    Finally Sailesh! Evaluating one person is already a tough job. He evaluated SIX speeches and the rest of the meeting too! Like Dr. Vijay says “No one can evaluate like the way Sailesh evaluates”. I totally agree with him. At the end of the day he makes you feel like a king! Wonderful job Sailesh!

    Rohit Taramal our long lost hero from the past…our old lagoonite, joined us and is planning to continue his skills once again. He is back after his MBA and a fresh job change. Now that he is settled, he is ready! Welcome back Rohit!

    Since I came late, I missed Rajan Sir giving his speech. But I know for sure he would have given his best and all the members would have taken a piece of useful information with him that night.

    Apart from that we had a couple of guests who really enjoyed the show. The break was really useful…. I ate a lot of sandwiches.. but i really miss the spring rolls!

    It was indeed a wonderful speech marathon!

  2. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    Ravoof – you are not only wonderful web designer but also a very brilliant (generous too) evaluator. I would recommend that you could take the role of General Evaluator – I am not joking – seriously.

    When ruminating much on the last meeting we find Dr. Balan as TMOD proved very agile and cogently conducted the whole affairs and all speakers were excellent and presented their themes with conviction and commitment.

    I hope the kite of Lagoon will fly higher and higher, but Ravoof may please hold the thread so that we are not lost in the space.

    Thanks again Ravoof and Syed

  3. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    I am sorry. i missed the meeting.

  4. I agree with TM Balakrishnan, you ought to take up some roles like GE and speaker…. <> …. sorry my day dreaming was disrupted!
    Many excoms have come and gone, but Ravoof the great is still RUMINATING his next move :-)

  5. …yeah Sailesh …like it will ever happen!

  6. Mohan D. says:

    I have missed yet another fabulous meeting by an excellent TMOD.
    My sabbatical from Toastmasters continues but I enjoy reading the mails and the online comments whenever time permits and I’m hoping I can make a comeback with May 23rd meeting…

    Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line…”I’ll be back”

  7. Welcome back Mohan

  8. Mathews
    Mathew P Mathews says:

    Dear all..
    It was a special and unique meeting with many exceptional events.
    First of all well distingushed TM of Dubai who can handle any roles of TMI.
    I really enjoyed the meeting with many takeway from each project speakers

  9. Mathews
    Mathew P Mathews says:

    Dear Ravoof..
    thanks for your WEB facility for feedback…
    I am doing this from Trivandrum, INDIA dated 15/05/11 @ 9.55 PM IST.. seems UAE time is sightly wrong

  10. Thanks Mathew. I have changed the time.

  11. I couldn’t believe I was the winner!!!

  12. You were excellent Wafa!

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