Lagoon Meeting #241


Minutes of Meeting #241

Induction Ceremony

Lagoon Toastmasters Induction Ceremony

The TMOD was TM Biswaranjan and his theme of the meeting was “ Know the Unknown”

  1. The meeting started on time i.e 7.30 PM
  2. For a change, the Sergeant At Arms role was taken by TM Rajan and he read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order.
  3. Again for a surprise change The presidential address was read out by TM Chandrasekhar
  4. Going with the Theme of the day “Know the Unknown” TMOD Biswa brought out a very beautiful and interesting slide presentation on the city of Orissa, where many unknown facts on the city of Orissa were unfolded.
  5. Very new member MTM Wafa introduced the word “Magnanimity”, her detailed explanation with various examples was applauded and the word Magnanimity was used 15 times during the entire meeting session. This was followed by a very interesting Round Robin session where all the members including guests, spoke on their native places trying to bring out the unknown facts.
  6. In the Project Speeches, we heard 4 speakers giving out their best.
    The speakers were:
    1. TM Muralidharan
    2. TM Sagar Tamang
    3. TM Jagadish Rao and
    4. TM Reghunath Nair
  7. Voting was held to choose the Best Speaker. All the TMs participated in the voting. TM Reghunath Nair delivering his P9 with a speech title “ Adventures of Tom” was declared as the best speaker. This was followed by 10 min. Refreshment Break.
  8. New members who joined Lagoon Toastmasters recently were inducted by our VP Membership TM Reghunath Nair. Eight members were inducted. We wish them all the best in their speaking and leadership tasks.
  9. Taking the opportunity of the presence of Div. Governor TM Sasidharan, President TM Rakesh Dayal, called upon him to honor our Founding Father of Lagoon TM M.K. Rajan for his selfless and yeomen services towards Toastmasters and in particular to Lagoon by presenting him a Specially Ordered Neck Tie, imported from Toastmaster’s International, USA.
  10. General Evaluator MTM Sunita Nair brought out a new concept on evaluation techniques, where all the evaluators had an opportunity to evaluate all the speakers on different aspects of the speeches.
    Following were the Evaluators:
    MTM Richa Singh, TM Narasimham, TM Santosh Kumar and TM Balan Vijay Kumar.
    Voting for the best evaluator was held. TM BalanVijay Kumar was voted as the best Evaluator of the day.
  11. The other Silent Role Players were acknowledged and thanked by TM Biswaranjan
    a. Joke Master – MTM Reem, entertained the audience by enacting her most embarrassed moments.
    b. Ah Counter – TM Valerian
    c. Timer – TM Zakir Hussain
    d. Grammarian – TM Balakrishnan
  12. Finally, the much awaited Lagoon Website was re-vamped and officially launched by our very own V P – PR, TM Ravoof.
  13. This was followed by the Awards and Closing Ceremony by our President TM Rakesh Dayal. The meeting concluded at 10:10 PM.
  1. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    I think after each meeting the speeches should be uploaded here. This will help everybody to see the difference between the real speech planned and what exactly is presented. This will help everybody to analyze the difference and perform better in future. What I understand is it is important to think about the speech presentation while drafting the speech.

  2. A good idea Muraleedharan. We just need members to submit their speeches.

    • Balakrishnan Nambiar
      Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

      If you have enough web space, I support the suggestion of Muraleedharan, actually I thought of suggesting the same. Then please allot each member one folder so that all his speeches from P1 to P10 could be posted there, it is a great chance for exchange of ideas and for knowing each other better. Also please let us know how to upload the script.

      I also suggest that, all scripts must not contain any items that are sensitive to this country’s laws, tradition and religion. If you wish, with the agreement of VP Education, I am ready to check this before being posted in the web.

      Thank you Ravoof

      • I have already started uploading projects of speakers. You can have a look at the Project Speeches link. I am adding speeches of veteran members who have sent it to me. I plan to add all speeches members send me as long as they have completed giving it in a club.


  3. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    i can submit my last speech but do all lagoonites agree on this?.

  4. Vida Tenorio says:

    Wish to attend one of your meetings

  5. Thanks Vida for your interest in our meetings. The next meeting is on the 25th. You can get more info on the location and other people you can contact in our contact us page. Please do come. There is a nominal charge of AED 25 for non members to cover the hall expense. If however you do plan to become a member, that amount will be waived off into your membership amount. For more details of becoming a member, please contact our VP Membership Mr. Reghunath on 050 210 3309. Thanks.

  6. Sudhakaran
    sudhakarantk says:


  7. I am uploading speeches from members. Those interested can send their delivered speeches to be put online. I will also try to get speeches from other clubs. Wishing you the best Sudhakar.

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